Videos, Videos, Videos

Not one to watch many music videos but there are a few that I recently watched that I wanted to comment on.

John Mayer – “Shadow Days”

“Shadow Days”  is the first single from Mayer’s new album, Born and Raised, out May 22nd. I love Mayer’s music. He’s just so great. I like this song and the video is minimalist at best which I also like. Sometimes you don’t need a lot to tell a story with visually about the song. I’m sad though because this will probably be it for the promotion of this album as he has had to cancel his tour because of some problems with his vocal cords.

Rihanna – “Where Have You Been”

This song is one of my favs from Rihanna’s Talk That Talk album and I didn’t know it was going to be a single but it makes sense. This video is just giving me EVERYTHING right now. I love it. She’s actually dancing in it for more than a couple of seconds and its not dutty wining. There is actual true choreography. Granted it is fairly simple but this Rihanna, do yall remember the “Pon De Replay” video? Ok so lets applaud some effort lol. Although that is like getting a medal for last place but whatever. I have to get her on her little belly dancer hip movement though. Hahah she tried but it was so stiff. Regardless this is going on repeat along with the “We Found Love” video.

Drake – “HYFR”, “Take Care”

WTH is my first thought at this video. Really Drake? The whole video is one big party which is par for the course with Mr. Aubrey Graham but this was just all kinds of out of whack. I mean I don’t know. Ughh and then the Lil’ Wayne part in this where he has that weird mask on. Why? Why? This video just takes me back to Drake’s first video, “The Best I Ever Had“. That video was so terrible. This one isn’t that bad but…Aubrey do better.

I might have some biased towards this video just because I absolutely love this song (don’t judge me). It has everything I like about a Drake song; depression, a nice dance break and Rihanna (I see you judging). Great imagery, very artsy. You can just feel the pain, depression and want throughout. Plus Rihanna looks great. This was during her blond phase that she had for a couple of months this year. Wasn’t really feeling that hair but the chick is beautiful. The dance break in this song gets me EVERYTIME. It’s my favorite part. I just dance really hard when this part hit whether I’m in the car or out and about. Of the two videos released by Mr. Graham, this one is the best and I almost want to say its his best one.

Jennifer Lopez – Dance Again f/ Pitbull

I liked JLo and Pitbull’s last collaboration “On The Floor” (I jam this song so hard its absolutely ridiculous), so I thought maybe I’d like this one too. The song is ok. I don’t know. This one doesn’t hit me like “On The Floor” did. The one thing I will say is this is definitely JLo’s coming out party with her little boy toy, Casper. They are just all over each other in this video. She is basically saying I don’t give a what you say about us because he’s here to stay. I don’t know why because he just strikes me as kind of smarmy. JLo love her backup dancers though doesn’t she. She looks so damn good in this though I would watch the video again just to watch her. Ughh body envy.

Nicki Minaj – Starships

Oh Nicki, Nicki, Nicki. What can I say about this video? It has great location shots. She looks good. Money well spent on those alleged butt implants. The song is ok. All it is is shots of her in a bikini on the beach shaking it. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but what else is there? I feel like all her videos are her in some kind of revealing outfit shaking it. The only other video where she wasn’t doing that was her “Your Love” and “Moment For Life” videos. That could just be my perception though and not reality is. Either way, I don’t care for this video and based on some of the other stuff I’ve heard, I don’t really care for her new album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.

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