Season Finales: Friday 5/11/12

It’s the weekend. YAY!!!!! What are you doing tonight? How about checking out these season finales.

The Finder – FOX 8/7c – Season 1 finale This show is a goner. I don’t know anyone that watched this show. I like Michael Clark Duncan and I wanted this show to be good but it just isn’t. On tonight series finale, Walter’s dad is dying and his older brother asks him to visit. As his final wish, his father wants Walter to find their mother. Uncle Shardrick continues to force marriage on Timo and Willa.

Undercover Boss – CBS 8/7c – The CEO of MasTec, Jose Mas goes under cover at his infrastructure-construction company.

Fringe – FOX 9/8c – Yay this was renewed for a 5th and final season. The team has to figure out a way to stop a catastrophic event that would cause death and destruction. I wonder how they are gonna set it up for next season. Can’t wait its gonna be great.

CSI:NY – CBS 9/8c – Season/Series finale.  Ratings for this show have been going down and this may be the possible end if CBS decides to cut this loose. On tonight’s finale, Mac is shot and has to fight for his life while the team goes after the shooter.

Blue Bloods – CBS 10/9c – This season has been just off. It’s a good show but they just drop story lines for too long and then randomly pick them up. This season ends with Frank trying to stop a biological weapon from being spread in the city all while keeping it a secret from his family. With everything that is happening, Danny and Jamie’s conflict from earlier in the season comes to a head.


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