Postmortem on This Week’s Finales

Contains spoilers. If you have not watched any of these shows (Castle, The Voice, Vampire Diaries, 2 Broke Girls, New Girl, The Office, Blue Bloods, Amazing Race) then stop reading now.


Amazing Race 20– This season was not as enjoyable as the last one. Maybe because none of the teams were that likable. The Big Brother couple (Brendon and Rachel) are just the most unlikable people. I semi liked them the first time they were on Big Brother but that was because there were people a lot worst than them in their season. I was definitely happy that they didn’t win. The husband and wife team that did take the prize were also a little unlikable. The team I wanted to win that was in the final 4 was Ralph and Vanessa. I liked them because they hated big brother and because she was a G doing the last 2 legs of the race with a twisted ankle. The Border patrol team could have and should have won the show but they were playing games and just doing stupid crap late in the game and it definitely cost them. Hopefully the new cast coming next season is more entertaining and enjoyable like season 19 was.

Castle – “HOLY CRAP. Now that is how you do a finale,” uttered me at the end of the Castle finale. Oh man, that was good. You knew it was going because it started out with Beckett on a ledge about to fall off. Then they cut to 3 days before and what led to her hanging off the ledge. The case of the week seemed routine enough until we find out that it is connected to Beckett’s mother’s case. We know from this season that there was a deal made with Captain Montgomery’s friend and the people who are responsible for her shooting and her mother’s murder that if they kept her away from the case then she could stay alive. Montgomery’s friend put Castle in charge of that and that’s why for the most part this season there has been no forward motion on that case. Once Beckett gets wind of the connection, she is of course adamant to start working on it. Castle tells her about the deal and Beckett feels betrayed. Castle finally tells her he knows she remembers everything and that HE LOVES HER. One of the moments that Caskett fans have been waiting on forever. Then other things happen and we get to the point where Beckett is almost killed by the man who shot her, hence the hanging off a ledge at the beginning of the episode. Ryan tells Sir about the case and they arrive in time to save Beckett. Sir asks for Beckett and Esposito’s badge but Beckett flips it and resigns. WHAT!!!! Then we see Castle at Alexis’ graduation and after he decides to throw away the file he has on Beckett’s mother’s file. THEN Beckett calls Castle and he ignores it then there is a knock at the door and it’s BECKETT. And then this happens.

Castle: Beckett, what do you want?
Beckett: You.
Beckett: I’m so sorry, Castle. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.
Castle: What happened?
Beckett: He got away, and I didn’t care. I almost died, and all I could think about was you. I just want you.

[Pulling him to the bedroom. fade out]

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Omg I have waited for them to get together since the 1st season of this show and so this is just something that has been long time coming. The season had its ups and downs but it was still a good one and this finale definitely made it a memorable one. Now there are all kinds of questions What’s gonna happen with Beckett’s resignation from the force? And what about Esposito and Ryan’s falling out? And the danger that we now know is in store for Kate? Oooo season 5 is going to be a great one.

The Voice – Jermaine won. Woooo. Can you sense my enthusiasm? This season was just not that good. Season 1 was so great but then came Season 2 and it just wasn’t. The singers they had just didn’t really do anything for me. There were some good performances but nothing truely outstanding. The finale had some pretty good performances though. The duets that the finalist did with their coaches (except for Ceelo and Juliet’s) were actually quite good. Jermaine’s final performance of R Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” was good. From all the performances you could kind of tell he would win. Tony Lucca did his own rendition of Jay-Z’s “99 problems” and Christina went all crazy saying that the song was derogatory to woman and how could he do that when his wife and beautiful daughter were there. I love Christina but man has she been on Tony all season. A friend of mine said that the way she acts towards him is as if  she and Tony slept together and he never called her again. Lol. There really is nothing else memorable from the finale. The group numbers with eliminated contestants were pretty bad. Just end all group numbers please. The ones here were bad but nothing tops the AWFUL group numbers on American Idol. Hopefully next season is better.

The Vampire Diaries – Holy flipping crap. Elena picks Stephan over Damon, Elena becomes a vampire, Alaric dies, Klaus is in Tyler’s body and not actually dead because of a Bonnie spell. Man oh man. This finale was the cherry on top of a great season. I sat watching this and was just like WTH is happening. It was just so good. The episode did a lot of flashbacks to before Elena ever became aware of things like vampires. It was nice. It took me back to season 1, when things were kind of simple and not as complicated and crazy like they have become. But the complicated and the crazy just works so well with this show. It’s just really fun, with really good storylines and good acting. So many things happened in this that I have already mentioned but the two things that really got me were when Elena was telling Damon goodbye and saying she was choosing Stephan and when it gets revealed that Bonnie made a deal with Klaus to save everyone. Now for 2 seasons I have been a Selena fan but this season after everything that Stefan did this season it put me squarely on team Delena. I don’t know what it is about them. Maybe it’s because the two actors are in a relationship off-screen but I just love them together. It might also have to do with the fact that Damon is my fave (I always like the bad but flawed characters on shows). Whatever the case the scene where is Elena is telling Damon goodbye over the phone because they think he is about to die is so great. It almost broke my heart looking at Damon. He was so heart-broken, just some really heart wrenching stuff. Now Bonnie has been annoying me for most of this season. Just really whinny and irritating. Always complaining about the vampires and all this other stuff that’s going on and then now at the end she kind of screws everyone. yes she was trying to help them but no, making a deal with Klaus is going to cause a whole hell of a lot of problems next season. I was super shocked about this but I’m kind of happy because I love me some Klaus. He is the best villain that has been on in the 3 seasons of this show. Just soo good. Can’t wait for season 4.

2 broke Girls – This show started off promising but it ended being like kind of like Whitney on NBC. And Whitney for anyone that has seen it is not good. I’m being a little harsh it’s not as bad as Whitney but I just hoped it would get better as the season went along. The episode didn’t really do much to set it up for next season. It ended with them pitching their business to Martha Stewart at a gala and her taking their card. And what? It’s not like Stewart is going to be investing in their business and coming on for guest spots. I don’t know. I’ll keeping watching next season but it’s only because it’s a habit and I really like Kat Dennings.

Blue Bloods – Nothing really too crazy happened on this show. They finally closed out the story about Jamie’s undercover case and the hit that was out on him. There was a treat to the city that Frank had to take care of on mother’s day. He almost sent the mayor his resignation because he was tired of all the b.s but ended up changing his mind. Like I said nothing really happened in this episode. It felt like a regular episode and not a season finale.

New Girl – This show is soooo hilarious. Every week it just got better and better. I usually hate cutesy and quirky, but this show is just too good. The show started out being about Jess and her moving into this apartment with 3 male roommates and it has turned into this wonderful ensemble show. In this finale episode Nick was moving in with Caroline and the roommates were trying to talk him out of it and find ways to deal with it. Cece and Schmidt are together and his bandages finally come off. There is an accident that happens and the doctor’s office that keeps him wrapped up some more. He gets jealous of Cece’s job and the fact that she has to work with oiled up men with ripped bodies. He then pushes her away with his douche mouth and from the looks of it they break up. Nick freaks out about moving in with Caroline and in the end decides to stay. If you didn’t watch this show, you need to. It’s a good solid comedy. And I know some people are annoyed by Zooey Deschanel but there are so many other things there you can get on.

The Office – This season has been so bad. Sooo bad. I maybe laughed at one episode consistantly through the whole thing. It pretty much became like background noise for me while I was doing other things. The season ended with David Wallace, the old Dunder Mifflin CEO, buying the company and restoring Andy back as manager. Robert California is done. Kelly is still with her doctor boyfriend, Dwight is going to find out if he is the father of Angela’s baby and Angela’s husband, The Senator, is giving eyes to Oscar. It was just a mess. The funniest thing about this episode was a chase scene that Dwight led and that involved his cousin, Mose, as a decoy car to throw Angela off. This show should have ended last season with Michael Scott leaving. They are bringing it back for Season 9 because it’s one of NBC’s biggest shows, but hopefully its for a final season. I need them to go out with a bang and try to end on a high note.

So these are the finales I watched this week. Some were pretty awesome and others were sort of ehhh. Lets see what’s in store with the finales coming up this week. Hopefully we get some good stuff.

2 thoughts on “Postmortem on This Week’s Finales”

  1. Oh man, I didn’t realize that was New Girl’s finale :(. I thought I had one more episode left! I love this show too. So awesome. I love Zooey as well though. Even with the cutesy quirkiness ;).

  2. I love The New Girl. I don’t even mind the Jess character. Nick and Schmidt make the show for me. Winston definitely grew on me. Kinda wish how it would have gone if Coach was still there but I love Damon Wayans Jr on Happy Endings. Glad this show will be coming back.

    I like Damon and Elena together too.

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