Postmortem on This Week’s Finales ***SPOILERS AHEAD***

If you haven’t watched any finales (Smash, Hart of Dixie, SNL, Person of Interest, Scandal) from this past week. Stop reading NOW. But then come back after you have 🙂 These are all random thoughts as I watched these.

Smash – Ellis is a complete nut. He needs to just disappear. Glad he had his one scene and was gone.Karen getting Marilyn at the beginning is deceiving I’m sure she’s not going to stay Marilyn by the end of the episode. Damn when Derek tells Ivy Karen just has something she doesn’t man that hurt me but that is one of the things I like about Derek’s character’s. Complete ass but at least he’s honest? Ivy is so sneaky. What did that accomplish? absolutely nothing Karen is still Marilyn and you are still alone and in the chorus. Oh gosh really they had to go with Julia getting pregnant with Michael’s baby. Ughh. That closing for Bombshell was pretty outstanding, I wish it was a real show. I want to see it myself. Katherine Mcphee KILLED it. Sooo good. Really so Ivy is going to try to kill herself? Is it terrible that I don’t care? Love Megan Hilty she is killing it but Ivy hmm. It didn’t feel like a finale though.

Hart of Dixie – That was the finale. Really?? Ok. How lackluster. A storm hits Bluebell and Wade and Zoe get stuck in a barn to ride out the storm and finally air out all the things between them. The storm puts a wrench into Lemon and George’s wedding day. Nothing goes according to plan and George finally breaks down and admits that he loves Lemon but has also fallen a little in love with Zoe. After Zoe and Wade get rescued they finally get together. I like her with him more than George. George is just so milquetoast, so boring. And year Wade doesn’t really have a lot going on but he is working on it. I like someone who has potential and is working towards and that is Wade all the way. I would only be happy for a short time though as Wade and Zoe lay post hookup, George shows up at her front door and tells her he has feelings for her and plants on her WITH WADE IN THE NEXT ROOM. Then she goes back to the room and just stands there contemplating whether she should get back in bed with Wade. What a mess. Well it’s been renewed for a 2nd season which I’m happy about but I’m not looking forward to the love pentagon that is going to be happening with George, Zoe, Wade, Lemon and Lavon.

Scandal – VP’s chief of staff kills Gideon because he is going to expose him. OMG this finale is insane. Cyrus is nuts. When he said he wasn’t sad over Amanda dying 2 episodes before knew he was the one that hired the killer. Love him though. I think it’s residual love from the actor Jeff Perry from his days on Nash Bridges(use to love that show). Cleaning the murder scene because Quinn is not Quinn WTH!!! Quinn I feel is the weakest character. She just has nothing going on for her. I called the VP chief of staff being the baby’s father. Man I’m good. That was a nice little twist though. Olivia is crazy if she thinks that police will help her after she cleaned up the scene. Olivia and the president have all kinds of chemistry. Tony Goldwyn is fantastic as the president. Knew the wife knew the whole time. Sad that Olivia the pres can’t be together. They are just so good together. I know he’s married and all that but man. So what happens next season? Cyrus is responsible for Amanda’s death, Fitz and Mellie are going to pretend to like each other and get pregnant? Mellie is entirely too old to get pregnant so they need to not go there. And then what’s gonna happen bet Fitz and Olivia? Clearly there is chemistry there so what’s gonna happen now that Olivia is pushing him to his wife. Who is Quinn? Do you care? I don’t really. And usually I would make a prediction on that one but I don’t even care that much to make one.

Suburgatory – Alicia Silverstone guest stars as Eden.  Mother’s day in Chatswik is not so great for Tessa. Dahliah leaves with her dad and leaves Dallas alone on mother’s day. Poor thing. We need more Dahliah in this episode. She’s too funny. the  Lisa not adopted but Ryan is. Tessa’s grandmother shows up and she sees it as a way to get out of Chatswik. This finale wasn’t high on the laughs but it was kind of sad everyone having these discoveries and just not a fun ending like this show usually has. It was still a good episode.

Khloe and Lamar– Not even gonna lie. I love these 2. The finale is all about Khloe and the whole is she a Kardashian thing that happened this past fall. It was a good episode. I like that Khloe doesn’t care to try to get a DNA test because her father is father. Poor Lamar. He has just been through it. So sad. They previewed Keeping Up With The Kardashians and its gonna be another great drama filled season with that crazy bunch. They cancelled this show for now because Lamar wants to focus on basketball.

Missing – It’s like if the movie Taken was 7 hours long. I like the show but this would have worked fine as a mini series on ABC. I don’t know how they thought they could care this out for more than a season and now they won’t have to since it has been cancelled by ABC. Turns out Michael’s godfather is the one who is behind his whole kidnapping and his father faking his death. Called it. Becca does not play when it comes to her kid. I kind of wish they had showed some of the torture scene but I guess that might be too much for ABC to show in primetime. Becca finds Michael and kills Martin. How were they gonna go on to another season? The whole point of the show is that her son was missing and she was looking for him. Once he’s found what? Were they gonna change the show title to Found? And what would the premise be then? Michael, Becca and Paul go into the spy business together and find other kids that are kidnapped. Oh now wait they were gonna do another season of missing exceot this time it was going to be Becca that was missing. REALLY??? Glad that got cancelled because that would have been so bad.

Person of Interest – Fusco and Carter finally find out about each other. Very action packed finale. Amy Acker (Ahhhhh Fred) guest starred. I need her to be on her own show. Alicia wants Finch to destroy the machine.  Fusco blows his cover with HR. Turing wasn’t a real therapist she set it up herself so that she could find Finch. Alicia dead. Reese now needs the machine to help him find Finch. Good finale. I’m so hoping they keep Amy Acker on for more of season 2. She can’t stay long because she’s a bad guy and we must kill her.

SNL – John Hamm is the funny cold open. You’d think he was the one hosting. Vanessa Bayer has lost at least 15lbs. Poor thing I bet Loren Michaels told her to loose weight. Read he is notorious for wanting his actresses skinny. Very heavy Kristen Wigg episode since it’s her last one. It’s been rumored for weeks that she was leaving.  Mick Jagger was very high energy. Really fun. Some of the sketches weren’t that great but I appreciated his effort. He had a great performance with Arcade Fire. Steve Martin stops by for the Californians sketch. Really sweet ending as goodbye to Kristen Wigg. Barely trying to keep it together. All the cast members and Lorne Michaels do a dance to a song with Wigg. Amy Poehler and Dratch were there. Overall great finale. Lazy Sunday 2 digital short was too funny. The one that started it all. They did all this for Wigg but what about Sandburg and Sudekis who are also leaving SNL this season. No fan fare for them at all. Sudekis wasn’t even in the episode and at the end you could see he was kind of pissed about the whole farewell to Wigg. Check out the goodbye to Kristen, Lazy Sunday 2 and Jagger’s performance with Arcade Fire.

90210 – Adrianna Dixon so ridiculous. Diego thing is real stupid. Yeah lets hold a rally and get publicity and my Senator will pass whatever to make him stay. Really?? Ivy’s character is the most ridiculous one. I love how Naomi was just about to marry P.J like 2 episodes ago and now she’s still in love with Max. Of course Naomi does the interrupt the wedding thing right before they say I do and of course Max leaves Madison and they get back together. Where the hell has Dixon been for the past 3 episodes. Clearly Tristan Wilds must have been off filming something. Silver chooses Teddy to be her baby daddy lol. Vanessa is back. Ughh can we kill her off please? Oh and the priest that Annie is in love with is going back to the ministry. Hahhaha OMG she was a prostitute, got money from a dead woman and fell in love with a priest all in 22 episodes. Could Annie’s character get anymore ridiculous? Holy crap they threw Dixon in an accident. i didn’t know he was leaving. WTH??

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