2012 MTV Movie Awards

MTV movie awards are one of the most ridiculous of the many award shows out there, but they are always good for a few laughs. This year was hosted by Russell Brand again because no one else will dothis show.

This pre-show is a hot mess. Kat Graham (The Vampire Diaries) is a hot mess. Seriously Bonnie? What is with this terrible weave and your outfit is not any better. Ugh.  Love the shoes though. Here is a transcription of her interview with Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield. Kat to Emma Stone – “I am here with the lovely Emma Stone and I think there is somebody hiding behind you.” Andrew – “I’m not hiding.” Kat – “You’re not hiding.” Andrew – “No.” Kat – “Oh, he’s just being Spidermanny and stuff.” Awkward laughter from everyone. WTH??

Yes FUN. I love their single “We Are Young.” Such a good song. It makes me think of some Queen songs. YESSSSSSSS they brought Janelle Monae out to do her part of the song.

Russell Brand starts his bit and there is pretty much silence in the room. Only the words Twilight, Hunger Games and Charlie Sheen get any responses from the crowd. And is that a bedazzled belt with fur trimmings on it? Seriously Russell? It’s like he said f- it, and got a blind man to pick out his outfit. Jennifer Aniston wins Best dirt bag award for Horrible Bosses sad that will be one of the only awards for best anything she ever wins. Emma Stone is too cute. I know blond is her natural color but I just love her as a red-head. Shailene Woodley won the award for best breakthrough performance for her role on The Descendants and she looks a mess again. Her shoes were wonderful and the outfit was ok but the hair was terrible. It looked like literally just woke up. Best male performance goes to Josh Hutcherson.

Can you tell how bored I am by this show? It only 30 mins into a 2 hour show and I’m just done with this already. YESSSSSSSS!!! Awkward season 2 starts on June 28th. Such a good show. Wow Kristen Stewart with a smile on her face maybe it’s because she is standing next to that hunk of man meat Chris Hemsworth. She has a cute dress on. Oh nope there goes the smile and the awkwardness has begun. Oh Charlie Sheen talking about Project X. What a mess.

Oh now Wiz Khalifa is on stage performing his new single “Work Hard, Play Hard” and a bunch of rhythmless kids are in the background with red party cups being held in the air. Is that you Ciara? Where have you been girl? Clearly not working and this new blond weave you’ve got needs to go. Wiz put on a very laid back performance probably because he was very much high.

Adam Sandler just doesn’t care anymore. I don’t think I have seen him dressed up in anything other than a t-shirt and jeans for the last 10 years. Andy Sandburg, Leighton Meester and he are presenting “The Best Kiss” award. Twilight wins and Kristen Stewart accepts the award for her and Rob Pattinson and it is the most awkward thing I have ever seen from her to date. 

Why is Aerosmith presenting Johnny Depp with the “Generation” award? I guess none of his peers that are on his level wouldn’t be caught dead at the MTV movie awards. Oh ok because Depp’s first love was music they got musicians to present it to him, but isn’t this about his movies? Oh look at Johnny playing guitar with the Black Keys. They all look a mess. What is this look?

Oooo pretty people. It’s Charlize Theron and Michael Fassbender. Terrible bit that was written for them to present “Best Fight.” Oh Hunger Games won. Oh Jessica Biel and Kate Bekingsale. What is happening with Biel’s hair and this ugly dress that she has on. Gurl you have a stylist, please get it together. Yay Harry Potter won something. Seems the tweens are over them and on The Hunger Games. Oh hello Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey. YESSSSSSS Joe Manganiello is oh gosh. This Magic Mike movie is going to be all kinds of amazing with the amount of eye candy in it. Elizabeth Banks wins “Best Transformation” for The Hunger Games. Loving her outfit.

This is a pretty funny bit they did for Emma Stone and the “Trailblazer” award that they gave her. I love how MTV just keeps making up awards to give people. Awww such a good speech from her. Every time I see her she makes me love her more and more. Oh snap The Dark Knight Rises. I can’t believe they actually got Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Christopher Nolan to actually come pimp out this thing at this award show. I always forget that Bale is British. Aww he got choked up about Heath Ledger. Ohhhhh The Dark Knight Rises is going to be EPIC!!!

Wow they got Jodi Foster to come to the this award show? She is seriously slumming it. “Movie of The Year”  goes to Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1. Ughh And with that another MTV Movie Awards has come to pass.

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