One Year Anniversary

In case you didn’t know, I moved. Not moved like I changed apartments or something small like that. I moved across the country to Los Angeles. If you are one of those people that is bad at geography that is in California on the West coast and a long way from Houston, TX. I started a graduate program in Communications Management at the University of Southern California.

I say all this because in all the hecticness that a move and starting school entails, I have been intermittently posting and forgot the one year anniversary of Iwatch2much.  I couldn’t believe that it had been a year already. It feels like just yesterday when I was fighting several friends and telling them I’m not a writer or a blogger because I was afraid. But that fear has been put aside and I have had a good time doing it. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken a look at the page, whether you came by once and never again or you are a subscriber (If you aren’t a subscriber click on that little Follow button). Thank you. I appreciate all of you.


2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary”

  1. Awe…Happy Anniversary to the blog missy! I don’t know why it seems like it was over a year ago that you started it. I think I remember your first post…it was a review of some Brad Pitt movie. That’s not really detailed, but it goes to show you that I actually remembered. lol. And um…we need a phone convo and soon. 😉

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