What To Watch: September 18

Nothing really premiering tonight. Next week is when the official kickoff starts so there is a little lull with the premieres until Monday.

9/8c – TV One – The Rickey Smiley Show – Series Premiere. The show is loosely based on the life of Rickey Smiley when he was a popular, local DJ based in Atlanta, and the single father to three children. The show’s stories derive from Rickey’s attempt to raise his children by himself and still have a personal life, as well as from situations that arise at the radio station. The show stars Rickey Smiley, Ray-J, J. Anthony Brown and Lil JJ. This show just screams Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns to me, which means its gonna terrible. I would say that I’ll give the show a chance but – I’ll be honest – I probably won’t.

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