Battle of The Singing Shows

Well not exactly. There is lots of news coming out recently for all the singing competition shows. Some judges have finally been picked on one show and on another some have been replaced.

Over on American Idol, the judges have been finalized. And the judges for season 12 are: the already announced Mariah Carey, the downgraded then upgraded Randy Jackson, the crazy insane Nicki Minaj, and the country crooner Keith Urban. 

The auditions for the new season started today in New York City and they are already rumors of in fighting going on between Carey and Minaj. It was rumored that when Minaj’s name was tossed around as a potential judge, Carey was not happy as she wanted to be the only female on the panel. I really don’t understand why Nicki is there. Idol is what you use to try to come back into the limelight like Paula Abdul and Jennifer Lopez. Nicki, hate her as much as you want, is at the peak of her career. It just makes no sense that she would do this. But hey if we get to have some drama between Mariah and Nicki, I’m all for it. I’m gonna be watching for Mariah because she is gonna be crazy.

Over on the other singing show, The Voice, they are going to be losing 2 of the judges in the Spring edition of the show. When the show returns in February for season 4, judges Cee-Lo Green and Christina Aguilera will be missing in action. Cee-Lo has two albums he’s working on as well as a tv project based on his life while Aguilera will be doing promotion and touring for her new album, Lotus out November 13.

Taking the place of Cee-Lo and Christina Aguilera will be Usher and Shakira. I’m a little excited about a change-up in the judges for season 4. I like Usher and Shakira so we shall see how they do on the show. It’s only temporarily though as Aguilera and Green will be returning for season 5.

One thought on “Battle of The Singing Shows”

  1. So. Onika cain’t (yes, cain’t) sing for nothin, so why is she on there again? Being non-singing schizophrenic does not you a good judge (see: Paula Abdul). Randy’s skinny jeans ( really are bothersome considering they look like jeggings on him. But he actually knows something about music…so maybe once he learns something about the English language (which, to his surprise, does in fact have more than one word…”yo”) he’ll start giving useful advice. Keith Urban also wears skinny jeans, but he’s a country star ( valid reason #1), and actually skinny (valid reason #2). I think he’ll be one of the nice judges. But he actually makes sense on the show to me. And Mariah ( will “dahhhling” her way through the entire season. And won’t it be awkward to watch other people horribly sing her old songs? I mean, she kinda already does that herself (buuuuuurrrrn!). I don’t think she’ll give honest feedback b/c she has a CD to promote, and who wants to buy an album from a critical/uptight [female dog]

    U(r)sher will actually be a good judge. Shakira bleating voice sounds like the child of a billy goat and Trey Songz. But since her hips don’t lie, maybe she’ll actually tell the truth about these mediocre singers.

    My perpetual hater is showing; I’ll try to tuck it in. The reality is I’ll watch like 50% of these episodes anyways like I always do.

    [drops mic. exits stage left to thunderous applause]

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