What To Watch: October 8

The CW premieres officially start this week and I for one couldn’t be more excited (The Vampire Diaries on Thursday ahhhhhhhhh). Here is what premieres tonight.

8/7c – CW – 90210 – Season 5 Premiere. Naomi and Max make some big plans that go horribly awry when they both get arrested and land in jail. Liam is forced to put The Offshore up for sale to pay off Vanessa and buy out her $200,000 interest in Liam’s movie contract. Navid approaches Liam about becoming his business partner. Teddy is overwhelmed by Silver’s request to father her baby. Adrianna, unaware Dixon has gotten into a life-threatening accident, has an unforgettable evening in Las Vegas with a handsome stranger, Taylor, after she vows to get over Dixon and move on with her life. Annie asks Ade to return to Los Angeles to be with an unconscious Dixon, and the two girls decide to move into the beach house together. This show is so deliciously ridiculous and I just love every minute of it. I seem to have a love for the “evil” people on most of the shows I watch so of course AnnaLynne McCord’s Naomi is my favorite.

9/8c – CW – Gossip Girl – 6th and Final Season Premiere. After a brief encounter abroad, Chuck and Blair make a promise to each other about their relationship, which leaves them once again apart. Dan, with some help from an unlikely ally, Georgina, is writing a scathing tell-all book that can only mean trouble. As the sole head of The Spectator, Nate is making his own decisions and is ready to go up against Gossip Girl. As word spreads that Serena is missing, the gang bands together to find her and are shocked by what they find. This show has been downhill for a long time and should have ended about 2 seasons ago. Glad it’s ending now though. I mean it’s come to the point where I have this show on mute and only look to see what they are wearing. This show and Revenge have the best costume designers. I mean the clothes are just so amazing.

9/8c – TV One – Life After – Season 4 Premiere. Exploring the turning point in celebrities’ careers that altered their lives forever, the half-hour series highlights these moments from the point of view of the celebrity and those in their inner circle. In each episode, a celebrity reveals the stories behind the transformative events in their life, and the ways in which they evolved from these experiences.

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