What To Watch: October 23

Tonight brings about the premieres of two of my favorite comedies on television: Happy Endings and Don’t Trust The B* In Apartment 23.

9/8c – ABC – Happy Endings. Season 3 Premiere. Dave and Alex start dating again, telling everyone they’re keeping it “cazsh.” When an unfortunate accident lands Penny in a full body cast, Max nurses her back to health. But after he meets her hot physical therapist, he starts “misery-ing” her so her fast recovery won’t put the brakes on his new crush; and Brad has a secret about his new unemployed status that he’s trying to keep from Jane. Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly put it best when she said, “There are two types of people in this world: (a) those who have seen HAPPY ENDINGS and love it and (b) those who have never heard of HAPPY ENDINGS. Because to watch this show and dislike it is unfathomable. It’d be like hating puppies — sexy, sardonic, filthy-mouthed puppies.” Well said Jessica, well said. It’s the truth. No one I have turned on this show has ever regretted it. Season 1 was great, season 2 was even better and I’ll bet this season will be just as good and hopefully better.

9:30/8:30c – ABC – Don’t Trust The B* In Apartment 23. Season 2 Premiere. James goes against Chloe’s advice, succumbing to June’s urging and attempting the unimaginable – dare we dream? — a Dawson’s Creek reunion! Along the way, he makes some shocking discoveries, veers slightly off course and encounters some stars of television past. I didn’t think this show was that great in the beginning, but it got pretty hilarious as the season went on. It’s not as good as Happy Endings but it’s its own show and the cast is very funny.

3 thoughts on “What To Watch: October 23”

  1. Yay!!!! Happy endings!!!! I didn’t get to watch the last 2 episodes of last season. Love this show.
    Surprisingly don’t trust the B is funny. I didnt think it would be mainly because i think the show title is terrible. James Van Der Beek is hilarious. So glad summer is over. My shows are back.

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