The Voice Season 3 Finale (Spoilers In Case You Live Under A Rock)

In case you have not watched the episode still and don’t want to know who won do not continue. STOP NOW!! Ever since my move to LA, I have found many opportunities to see some of the shows I watch tape live. Last night I had the pleasure of being at The Voice’s Season 3 finale. It was an amazing show. All of the performances – taped and live – were great.

I will start with how the show began for me. It actually began about an hour before the show went live on the East Coast with Bruno Mars taping his performance of “When I Was Your Man” that they would playback during the live show. Three takes were shot of the performance. The first take was good but judge Christina Aguilera was not in her seat yet and they had to get some sound issues straightened out. The second take was cut short by Bruno because one of the instruments went out. The third take was great and was what they in the show.  After this, the stage was cleared and then some stuff with Christina and Adam Levine was shot for host, Carson Daly’s New Year’s Eve special. Way to save money NBC.

And now it’s 8pm on the East Coast and we are live. Everything is live up until the point where they cut to Rihanna’s performance of “Diamonds”. That was shot after the Monday performance show of The Voice. We sit and watch the performance on the video screen. At the end of it the audience stands to applaud and make it seem like it just happened in front of us. I have to say Rihanna has definitely improved from her “Pon De Replay” and “Unfaithful” days. She will never be the greatest singer but I can respect growth.  During the commercial break, the audience guy pumps up the crowd. He talks to the audience, there are t-shirt giveaways and music. While that is happening the audience keeps shouting to the coaches, who are getting touch-ups done on their makeup, tweeting or just walking around talking to crew members and producers.

We come back and the Terry’s performance of “I Wanna Rock and Roll” with Amanda, Bryan, Michaela and Rudy. That was so much fun. It had the crowd going crazy. It was definitely more fun in person than it came across on television. Sprint Skybox stuff with Christina Milian is live. What is the purpose of that really? Besides pimping out Sprint and Samsung. The audience can’t see anything that viewers at home see. As all of this is happening the set up for the Smokey Robinson and Nicholas performance happens.  The two come out and sing “Cruisin.” Solid performance. The Adam package plays while they clean up the stage and set up for heart throb performance. Lots of screams and laughs for Adam. They do the playback of the Killers performing “Here With Me” with Cassadee which also taped after Monday’s show.

Back from commercial with Biggest Loser Crew. The stuff with Alison Sweeney, Bob Harper and Dolvette Quince was soooo scripted. They were reading off the  teleprompter and they didn’t have to. I mean these were simple questions that

Carson asked.  The performance that the audience responded to the most was the heart-throb performance of “Stacy’s Mom” with Dez, Julio, MacKenzie, Cody and Diego. Watching it live was so much better. As I watch the episode it just sounded very very pitchy. The Blake package goes on as the crew sets up for the Kelly Clarkson performance. Blake and Adam are definitely the most popular coaches if you go by audience screams and “I Love Yous.”  The season 4 promo was pretty good. All I kept thinking was man I haven’t watched Tommy Boy in a while. I don’t know how Shakira and Usher are gonna do next season. I mean how do you top Christina and Cee-Lo? From what I heard from other audience members who went to the Blind Auditions and the Battle Rounds they aren’t that great. The consensus was Usher didn’t really have much to say and Shakira was perfectly fine but not really giving much. We’ll see when Season 4 starts up March 25, 2013.

Christina in the Skybox. Contestant confessional. Audience always loves those. Kelly Clarkson performing “Catch My Breath” with Cassadee and Terry is live. She looks and sounds amazing. It’s my first time seeing her.  The stupid fans were blocking my view of her for a little while. Good performance. Again it sounded better live. During the commercial break of this segment it was so cute Blake went up to Kelly and gave her a hug and congratulated her on the engagement (she got engaged this past Friday) and she flashed that ring to him. Clean up and set up for the girls performance also happens.

Melanie Martinez, Liz Davis, De’Borah, singing “It’s Time”.  That performance was pretty ok. Not one of my favorites. At this point, I am exhausted from all the applauding and screaming and we are only an hour into the show. The audience hype man gets the audience to sing “Happy Birthday” to Christina and as the music comes on a dance battle begins among some audience members, which Christina was loving.

Skybox stuff again and on to the Peter Frampton and Terry performance of “Baby, I Love Your Way.” Love this song. Great performance, simple nothing but vocals and the guitar. Peter still sounds great after all these years. Birthday package of Christina was great. She loved it and during the commercial break she went and hugged all the coaches.  I think this season they have all gotten over themselves and genuinely like each other now. It’s quite a turn from last season when there was all this in fighting.

The female powerhouse performance of “Best of My Love” with Joselyn, Lauren, Sylvia, Adriana and Loren was pretty good as well.  Cee-Lo then comes out as Black Jesus Clause just looking ridiculous.  Kia got a nice big shout out from the car gifts the contestants were given. During the commercial break, Nicolas took the key to the car and handed it right to his wife. You know who’s boss in that relationship.

The playback of the Bruno Mars performance plays. Between each take of this performance, Bruno would talk to the audience a little and was super friendly.  I really hate the people who do the swaying in front of the stage -Swaybots I call them.  They are always so off beat.  After the first take of this performance, the audience guy told them to sway instead of clap because people can never clap on beat and he called out white people (he is white). It was pretty funny but then people were swaying and even then they couldn’t stay on beat.  It just irritated me for some reason. I mean it’s not that hard to stay on beat, is it? On to the Skybox with Kelly Clarkson and Christina Milian. On to the Nicholas, Trevin, Dez,  and Amanda performance of “End of The Road.”  Man I love Amanda. She definitely should have been in the final 3.  This performance shows that they were definitely robbed.  During this commercial break they set up for the Avril Lavigne performance.

Shout out to the band and then on to the Avril and Cassadee performance of “I’m With You.”  I care for Avril Lavigne one way or the other but this song they sang is my favorite song of hers. The live version is sooo good so I was super excited about hearing her do this. I remember the Saturday Night Episode where she was the musical guest and did this song and it was the time I finally said Ok she actually has a voice. The Cee-Lo package happens and he loves it and as Carson talks about Cee-Lo and Christina taking a break from the show Cee-Lo holds hands with Christina and Adam and tells them that he is going to miss them. He really is hilarious and very sweet.  They go into the coaches’ performance which you can tell was taped the night before because of Cee-Lo’s outfit. During the commercial break, the audience hype man comes out and tells us that they are going to reveal the person who got 3rd place first and then the winner. He then tells us that we need to be the loudest we have been all night.

The results are in and they must drag it out for as long as possible. Questions to the contestants then the reveal of Nicholas David coming in 3rd and Cassadee Pope as the winner of season 3 of The Voice.  I have to say this season was soo good. I don’t know what it was. I think they just found their groove and it was just really great. Looking forward to season 4.

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