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The Voice Season 3 Finale (Spoilers In Case You Live Under A Rock)

In case you have not watched the episode still and don’t want to know who won do not continue. STOP NOW!! Ever since my move to LA, I have found many opportunities to see some of the shows I watch tape live. Last night I had the pleasure of being at The Voice’s Season 3 finale. It was an amazing show. All of the performances – taped and live – were great.

I will start with how the show began for me. It actually began about an hour before the show went live on the East Coast with Bruno Mars taping his performance of “When I Was Your Man” that they would playback during the live show. Three takes were shot of the performance. The first take was good but judge Christina Aguilera was not in her seat yet and they had to get some sound issues straightened out. The second take was cut short by Bruno because one of the instruments went out. The third take was great and was what they in the show.  After this, the stage was cleared and then some stuff with Christina and Adam Levine was shot for host, Carson Daly’s New Year’s Eve special. Way to save money NBC.

And now it’s 8pm on the East Coast and we are live. Everything is live up until the point where they cut to Rihanna’s performance of “Diamonds”. That was shot after the Monday performance show of The Voice. We sit and watch the performance on the video screen. At the end of it the audience stands to applaud and make it seem like it just happened in front of us. I have to say Rihanna has definitely improved from her “Pon De Replay” and “Unfaithful” days. She will never be the greatest singer but I can respect growth.  During the commercial break, the audience guy pumps up the crowd. He talks to the audience, there are t-shirt giveaways and music. While that is happening the audience keeps shouting to the coaches, who are getting touch-ups done on their makeup, tweeting or just walking around talking to crew members and producers.

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What To Watch: October 25

10/9c – Lifetime – Project Runway:All Stars. Season 2 Premiere. I get why the first Project Runway: All Stars happened. It was so they could remedy the mess they made in giving Gretchen the win over Mondo in Season 8. Mondo won that season. Now they have a season 2. I don’t know why. There isn’t anyone that I can think of that was wronged in any other season who would need to come back with something to prove. At this point Project Runway is looking a little like another fashion show, America’s Next Top Model, that has overstayed its welcome. This season has Wendy Pepper (Season 1), Andrae Gonzalo (Season 2), Kayne Gillaspie (Season 3), Uli Herzner (Season 3), Suede Baum (Season 5), Althea Harper (Season 6), Emilio Sosa (Season 7), Peach Carr (Season 8), Ivy Higa (Season 8), Casanova (Season 8), Anthony Ryan Auld (Season 9), Laura Kathleen Planck (Season 9), Joshua McKinley (Season 9) returning to the competition.

What To Watch: October 3

9/8c – CW – Supernatural – Season 8 Premiere. Dean re-emerges from Purgatory, but he isn’t alone. He heads straight for Sam, but the reunion isn’t exactly what he thought it would be. Sam drops everything to join his brother, but leaving the life he had grown to enjoy turns out to be harder than he imagined. Dean and Sam look for Kevin who has managed to escape Crowley’s grasp, but things come to a head quickly when Kevin tells them what it is that Crowley wants.

10/9c – VH1 – Couples Therapy – Season 2 Premiere. The will examine the complicated and often misunderstood world of high-profile relationships. ” Alex McCord & Simon van Kempen, Shayne and Nik Lamas-Richie, Todd “Too Short” Shaw & Monica Payne, Joel “JoJo” & Tashaunda “Tiny” Hailey, and Doug Hutchison & Courtney Stodden will all take a seat on Dr. Jenn Berman’s couch.

10/9c – Bravo – Life After Top Chef – Series Premiere. The show follows Richard Blais in Atlanta, Jen Carroll in Philadelphia, Spike Mendelsohn in D.C., and Fabio Viviani in Los Angeles as they reach milestones in both their personal lives and culinary careers, from opening their own restaurants to expanding franchises and establishing themselves as culinary leaders in the food world.

Mariah Carey Signs On For “American Idol”

It’s official. Fox has named Mariah Carey as one of the new American Idol judges for Season 12. She was one of the many rumored names being tossed around to become a judge. She will be getting somewhere between $12 to $17 million for the gig. Carey said today in a phone call to FOX president, Kevin Reilly,

I am so excited to be joining Idol. I wanted to be there today and I wish I could have been there myself to tell you. I can’t wait to get started in a couple months.”

No one else has been named to join her on the judges table but I’m sure that name is will be here before auditions start this fall. American Idol season 12 will premiere January 2013.

Sunday’s Reality Round Up

Don’t judge me but most of my Sunday night was spent watching the premiere of some of my guilty pleasure reality shows (I didn’t have to work today woo hoooo yay for government holidays) as well as trying to clean up my dvr. But we’re talking reality shows here and Celebrity Apprentice, Khloe and Lamar, The Amazing Race, and The Real Housewives of Atlanta were on deck for my Sunday night watching pleasure.

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Premieres and Returns For Tuesday 1/10/12

Lots of reality returns tonight as most scripted shows returned last week. Here’s what’s returns and premieres tonight.


Dance Moms (Lifetime) – Season Premiere. I watched an episode of this show because I was forced to by a friend who is obsessed with it. It was of course a train wreck in the same vein of Toddlers and Tiaras. So if you like Toddlers and Tiaras, we can no longer be friends but you will also enjoy this show.


The Game (BET) – Season Premiere. Brittany Daniels (Kelly Pitts) is out and Brandy Norwood is in as Chardonnay (could this not be a more ghetto name, then again this is what this show has become on BET) who gets into a romantic entanglement with Jason Pitts (Coby Bell). I watched the show while it was on the CW and was happy that it got saved but not that it got saved by BET. It has gotten so bad. The characters are former shells of themselves and the writing is TERRIBLE. It reminds me of the even WORSE show Single Ladies that airs on VH1.

Tabitha’s Takeover (BRAVO) – Season Premiere. I love some Tabitha Coffey. This season she’s not only taking over salons, but restaurants, boutiques, etc. Yes! More ways for her to get even snarkier.



Let’s Stay Together (BET) – Season Premiere. Season 2 opens and picks up with dramas surrounding Charles’ and Stacy’s wedding. Here, Charles escapes from an elevator and attempts to head home. Meanwhile, Troy arrives at Tasha’s house, upsetting Jamal. I don’t know anything about these characters. All I know is I watched the pilot, it was terrible and I gave it a pass.



The Amazing Race

So I’ve never watched this show but I decided to give it a try this season.Man soooo good.Its basically a travel competition reality show.This season they are allover Indonesia, and Thailand. Soooo gorgeous.They go to these different countries and they go to all these temples and villages and they tell you about the culture.This is a show I would soooo be on.Get to go to really cool places trying to win a million dollars.The show is hosted by Phil Keoghan and it airs Sundays at 8/7c on CBS.

Here is a little bit of the first episode from this season