YESSSSSSS!!!!! I was a little worried about Mindy but soooooo glad it’s coming back.


The Following Renewed, New Girl, Mindy ProjectFox announced on Monday that it has renewed four more shows for the 2013-14 TV season, including the Kevin Bacon-fronted freshman drama The Following and the buzzy, bubbly sophomore comedy New Girl.

Likewise, Raising Hope has been picked up for a fourth season, and the freshman comedy The Mindy Project will be back for another round.

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The quartet of pick-ups, combined with Bones‘ previously announced renewal, effectively keeps Fox’s current Monday and Tuesday line-ups intact, with ill-fated Ben and Kate already excised.

Among Fox’s scripted live-action fare, this leaves just Glee — which with an eye on Season 5 has protracted negotiations ahead — and Touch up in the air.

In announcing The Following‘s renewal — for the same 15-episode count as its maiden run — Fox president Kevin Reilly said, “From the very beginning, we…

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