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21 Jump Street

Don’t be fooled by the trailer guys. If I hadn’t seen this movie at a screening this week, I don’t think I would have gone to the theater to see this. The trailer looked like one of those movies where they put all the funny stuff in it and the rest of the movie sucks. This was not the case with 21 Jump Street. We were literally laughing the entire time.

The movie stars Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Ice Cube in this remake of the 90s television show that starred Johnny Depp and Holly Robinson Peete. The movie has the same premise as the show; young rookie cops go undercover in a high school as students and try to find the source of a new designer drug that kids are overdosing on.

I really liked that they knew they are a remake and that some of their jokes aren’t original and they were able to make fun of themselves. It was great. I feel like this movie is going to be a case of the audience liking this movie and critics panning it. But don’t listen to them. This movie was great and you should go see it. You’ll definitely have a good time. Also it has some pretty good eye candy 😉

Yep, Another Beyonce Video

She gave the teaser for this last week after she released her “Countdown” video and now the finished product has been released. Here it is. “Love On Top.” Enjoy.

I like this video. Its got that 90’s R&B group feel from this video. Very New Edition. People are already saying she stole from them and did she get permission. Why does she have to get their permission to emulate something? You see in this one she wasn’t that far along because she’s dancing a whole hell of a lot more than she did in the “Countdown” video. The video is very simple. Nothing special really. Love the outfits. This chick’s body does not quit. Just ridiculous.