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This Means War(2012)

I will admit, I had very low expectations when I saw the trailer for this. I thought surely this will be an awful movie. I’m glad I was wrong about it. This Means War stars Chris Pine(Princess Diaries 2,Star Trek)  and Tom Hardy(Inception,Warrior) as FDR and Tuck,CIA agents who are partners and best friends until they both start dating the same woman,Lauren, played by Reese Witherspoon(Legally Blonde, Walk The Line). They then start fighting each other in order to win the girl using all of their spy tricks. Lauren enlist the help of her friend Trish (Chelsea Handler) to help her decide between the 2 men.

This movie should tickle the fancy and both men and women this coming Valentines day if you don’t want to get stuck going to that other movie, The Vow. This one is funny, has some good spy action and a lot of the bromance that will appeal to men but the women get all the romance that they want to see. It really is a perfect meld of the two. And there is a really fun chemistry between the whole cast. Had a fun time watching this one.

This Means War is in theater February 17, with a special national preview on Valentine’s Day. 

FALL TV (Sorry DVR, Break Time Over)

Every year when September rolls around I always get excited.  Not just because it’s my birthday month but because fall tv returns. I LOVE FALL TELEVISION.  The networks roll out all their new shows that got picked up and old favorites return.  This fall there are over 127 new and returning shows starting Sept 13th from cable and the big 5 networks.    I will be watching all of the new ones for at least 3 or 4 episodes before I decide if they are any good and cut them off. How I’m going to manage that, I don’t know. Entertainment Weekly has a nice article with tips on  how to navigate the fall tv season so it’s gonna be all good.

This season there are many shows that I’m looking forward to, both new and returning, but I have managed to narrow down the list to 10 (5 returning and 5 new) that I think everyone should watch.

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