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Awkward Black Girl Season 2 Premiere Postmortem

Season 2 of Awkward Black Girl premiered tonight on the iamOTHER Youtube channel and I’m glad it is back. Watch episode 1: The Sleepover now.

Now that you have watched, I have to say that this episode was about a 5 on a 1-10 scale. There were some great lines between J and white J and also the dream sequence with Fred and A talking about J were pretty funny but other than that it was just a standard episode to me. There wasn’t enough white J, Cece or Nina. These 3 sometimes make the show for me. There was also some really bad acting happening in this episode. The girl at the front who thought J was gay is just really not good. Hopefully she isn’t on there much throughout the season. Also I need Fred to get a new hairstyle. What is happening there? It looks a mess. Glad the series is back and I hope future episodes are better. Episode 2 airs Thursday, July 16 on the iamOther channel.

Awkward Black Girl: Countdown To Season 2 **1 Day Away**

**It’s more like less than 8 hours away**

We are finally down to my #1 episode of ABG. I have enjoyed going back and watching all the episodes over again in preparation for the season 2 premiere that is coming tonight. It made me like this series even more. So my favorite episode is episode 5: The Dance. This episode is the best to me because first it starts off with a dance montage to Ice Cube’s “You Can Do It (Put Your Back Into It)”, then it shows us why “hair is the best thing to happen to rhythmless non blacks.” Everything about this episode is how I feel at parties, the awkward dance like you are having a good time, trying to make friends, and dancing next to people so they will recognize their urge to dance with me. Haha I am cracking up just thinking about all my awkward moments at parties. It’s all a hot mess and I love it. It is also where we are introduced to the wonderful white J. The way they meet and instantly click is so great and it’s why from this episode on I was team white J. It also introduced me to Frank Ocean’s “Novacane,” a song I can never get enough of. Every time the song comes on I think of this episode. I just love it so much.

Be sure to watch the season 2 premiere episode tonight at 9/8c on the iamOTHER channel.