Awkward Black Girl Season 2 Premiere Postmortem

Season 2 of Awkward Black Girl premiered tonight on the iamOTHER Youtube channel and I’m glad it is back. Watch episode 1: The Sleepover now.

Now that you have watched, I have to say that this episode was about a 5 on a 1-10 scale. There were some great lines between J and white J and also the dream sequence with Fred and A talking about J were pretty funny but other than that it was just a standard episode to me. There wasn’t enough white J, Cece or Nina. These 3 sometimes make the show for me. There was also some really bad acting happening in this episode. The girl at the front who thought J was gay is just really not good. Hopefully she isn’t on there much throughout the season. Also I need Fred to get a new hairstyle. What is happening there? It looks a mess. Glad the series is back and I hope future episodes are better. Episode 2 airs Thursday, July 16 on the iamOther channel.

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