EMMY Fashion!!!

The fashion at the 63rd annual Emmy Awards had everyone seeing red.  That was the color of the night.  From Giuliana Rancic, Adrienne Palecki and Kerry Washington, there was so much red on the carpet sometimes u couldn’t tell the carpet from the dresses.

Top to Bottom (Angela Kinsey;The Office, Connie Britton;Friday Night Lights, Giuliana Rancic; E! News, Kate Winslet; Mildred Pierce, Kerry Washington;Ray, Nina Dobrev;The Vampire Diaries, Lea Michele;Glee, Martha Plimpton;Raising Hope, Sarah Hyland;Modern Family, Sophia Vergara;Modern Family, Adrienne Palicki;Friday Night Lights)

I like red but it is most definitely not my fave color and so to keep seeing all of the red or variations of red just bothered me.  I don’t know what it was but I just didn’t like Lea Michelle’s dress at all.  Everyone during the pre show was talking about how great it was like it was the second coming. NO.  I think out of all the red looks she’s towards the bottom of my list. I thought Kerry Washington was stunning.  She’s just so beautiful and her styling was great as was her dress.  Martha Plimpton looked really good.  I only saw this dress on the Emmy telecast and not on the red carpet and it looked great on her. Also is Sophia Vergara not a hot woman?  I mean seriously the woman is gorgeous. Which is your favorite?  Vote in the poll.

There were other looks on the carpet.  Lots of color to take away from the sea of red.  We had your usual black dresses, but also lots of blues, nudes, pinks/blush, golds, and sequins inspired looks as well. Some were quite nice and others were just hot mess (yes you Julianna Marguilies and Paz De La Huerta)







Anna Paquin w/ husband Stephen Moyer(True Blood/HBO), John Hamm(Mad Men/AMC) w/girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt, Amy Poehler (Parks & Recreation/NBC) w/ husband Will Arnett(Up All Night/NBC), Taraji P. Henson(Person of Interest/CBS).

Good looking couples here.I love Anna and Stephen on True Blood.One of my fave shows.John Hamm is a good-looking man but I don’t know who did his hair that night it’s just not working.  His girl looks good.Love the yellow. Amy and Will are so flipping hilarious.Kind of makes sense why they are together.I’m not in love with her dress though.I don’t think it is quite flattering on her midsection.Taraji is beautiful but I just think that the dress is a little potato sacky.She looks best when she wears clothes that show the shape of her body.I do like the hair but the rest of the ensemble is a no.







Will Arnett w/ Zooey Deschanel(The New Girl/FOX), Rashida Jones(Parks & Recreation/NBC), Loretta Devine(State of Georgia/ABC Family/Cancelled), Julianna Marguilies(The Good Wife/CBS)

Zooey Deschanel, I just don’t know what to say about this dress.It’s not bad but I don’t like the color.It’s like someone threw Pepto Bismol all over her. Rashida looks nice. Nothing much to say here.Loretta hmmm not the best dress.Good color.Maybe if she had a better bra on I would like how it looks on her. Julianna’s dress is Armani Prive and I could care less about that because it should have never left the runway. The bottom is fine but that top no-no no.







Nolan Gould(Modern Family/ABC), Paz De La Huerta(Boardwalk Empire/HBO), Heather Morris(Glee/FOX), Kristen Wigg(SNL/NBC).

I’m not gonna be mean about kids but why did his mother let him out of the house with his hair looking like that. WTF Paz? Seriously. The worst dressed of the night by far.Bad hair,styling,makeup, just EVERYTHING.WTF Heather Why? Why? She is a close 2nd behind Paz for worst dressed. Wigg just looks so plain and like she just couldn’t be bothered. Her hair is so depressing and then the dress is not wonderful.I feel like throwing some bright colors on her because this outfit automatically makes me sad when I see it.







Alan Cumming(The Good Wife/CBS), Padma Lakshmi(Top Chef/Bravo), Heidi Klum(Project Runway/Lifetime), Gwyneth Paltrow(Glee/FOX).

These pants on Cumming are a hot mess but this is soooo Alan Cumming. He is sooo extra in his style that I can’t even be mad at him. Padma looks good. I love the color on her.The only thing is that it kind of looks a little like lingerie. When I first saw the dress on Heidi, I liked it but now I don’t know why.It certainly not the worst dress that was on the carpet that night and some of the dresses were just so blah that I think any kind of drama in a dress I automatically liked. Ok I amend the statement that Heather Morris was second to worst dressed. That honor goes to Gwyneth Paltow. WTF lady. I don’t know what she was trying for, gypsy belly dancer perhaps, but it didn’t work at all. When she was being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest at the pre show, she told him that she had looked at 2 other dresses and that was the one she loved.I can only imagine the dresses she didn’t pick. Just no.







Joel McHale(Community/NBC), Paula Abdul(X-Factor/FOX), Jurnee Smollett(Friday Night Lights), Evan Rachel Wood(Mildred Pierce/HBO)

Joel looks like he’s going to be a waiter for the evening, serving drinks to all in attendance.  Not a good look. Paula’s dress is leaps and bounds better than what she usually wears to these things so I have nothing to say about her dress. Jurnee is such a cute girl. She wasn’t nominated or presenting so she came in a very simple gown and still looks beautiful and effortless. Evan Rachel looked so good. I thought her hair looked the best its looked since she cut it and that her dress was so pretty. She usually dresses very goth, slighty trampy but she definitely classed it up for the event.

More of the rest
























Quick notes about the rest: Hate Amber Riley’s hair and dress, I didn’t know Ariel Winter from Modern Family was built like that. Like she has huge boobs and she’s like 13. I was just a little disturbed by her dress because she was showing so much cleavage. I love Gina Torres. She is so amazing in my book.  So glad she has finally found a show that sticks in Suits.

2 thoughts on “EMMY Fashion!!!”

  1. Now I see why this post took so long to come…Interestingly, I think the ladies in red outshined most of the others. I’m not a fan of red either, but it just seemed to pop! I couldn’t pick on a favorite, so I didn’t vote. But I absolutely adore Kate Winslet. I think she’s so gorgeous. But there were a lot of lovely ladies looking FIERCE in their red. 🙂

  2. My faves: Julia Stiles, Evan Rachel Wood, and Heidi Klum. Aubrey Plaza needs to always wear gowns, she looks incredible and I never would’ve guessed she could rock an Emmy gown from seeing her on Parks and Rec. When she stops hunching the transformation’s incredible. Christine Branski wins for best in her age category; glam and entirely appropriate for a middle-aged woman. Also, I’m super disturbed by 13-yr-old cleavage as well. But if she chooses to rebel, cleavage is preferable to cocaine.

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