“Awkward Black Girl”: Webseries You Should Be Watching

Everyone has awkward moments, whether they are with your parents, strangers or coworkers.  Most of us are glad that these moments are not captured on tape but Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl series essentially does that. The talented writer, director and star of the series, Issa Rae,  has taken our most awkward moments and made them into this wonderful little series that can only be described as a mix of Parks and Recreation meets Curb Your Enthusiasm with some sprinkles of Daria (if Daria was a grown black woman who worked in an office setting).

I was introduced to the series by a great friend of mine (thanks Schuyler) and have been hooked ever since. Watching the series is like someone followed you around with a camera and filmed different parts of your life. i was surprised when while watching I kept yelling to myself, “OMG that happened to me.” If you can’t relate to all the scenarios that occur, the show is funny.  It has great writing and a good cast and the score is always great.  New episodes premiere every first Thursday of the month (Episode 9 premiered today). Check out Episode One below and for all the other episodes check out their website http://awkwardblackgirl.com/

Episode 1

Check out Issa Rae talking about the success of Awkward Black Girl on CNN.

4 thoughts on ““Awkward Black Girl”: Webseries You Should Be Watching”

  1. Wow…I just watched the lastest episode and it was quite funny, and AWKWARD! The language is a bit strong, but overall, I give it an 8 out of 10. 🙂

  2. This show probably has my upstairs neighbors thinking that I’m mentally handicapped. I mean, the way that I laugh when “Baby Voice” Darius speaks or when Cece randomly acts hood…it is not normal. The only thing I can’t stand is how much Fred squints all the time. Dang, homie, get you some Visine!

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