True Blood Season 5 Premiere Postmortem ***Spoilers***

True Blood’s Season 5 premiered last Sunday and it did not disappoint. It picked up from where it left off last season with Tara’s brains on the floor, Debbie dead, and Bill and Eric killing Nan. There were so many crazy things in this episode that in hindsight are just a normal day in Bon Temps but as I was watching all I could say was wow. The scene with Eric and his “sister” was so ridiculous. I was like wasn’t just pinning over Sookie like 3 scenes ago and what is it with Jason Stackhouse that everyone is so in love with? He has to be the dumbest character on the show. It’s like he walks in the room and chicks start taking their clothes off. It’s quite hilarious.

I know a lot of people hate Tara but I like her. When I saw them shoot her last season, I just thought Rutina Wesley was done on the show. I didn’t think they would be bringing her back because I mean literally her brains were all over Sookie’s kitchen. I didn’t think that she could be made into a vampire. It’s predictable but I just didn’t see it happening. Now that it has and her maker is Pam, I am looking forward to Rutina Wesley and Kristin Bauer working together. I think this will give Tara a lot to work with and make her not so much of a victim. It might also lighten her up a bit because Pam is funny as hell. I think Lafayette and her have the funniest lines. It’s gonna be a crazy season with the Authority, Russell escaping and Terry’s craziness coming to the forefront. I can’t wait.

Best line from the premiere. When Sookie questions Pam’s team spirit in helping them turn Tara, she replies, “I am wearing a Wal-Mart sweatsuit for y’all. If that’s not a demonstration of team spirit, I don’t know what is.”

Episode 2 airs tonight at 9/8c on HBO. Here is a promo.

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