BET Awards 2012

The BET Awards aired their annual show last night and they should have just called the show “The Carters and Kimye” because that is all the camera cut to for most of the show. The show ran 3 1/2 hours and that is minus the pre-show. Lets’s start with the pre-show. It ran for 2 hours and was just a hot bed of ignorance and

Machine Gun Kelly performing. He’s …. enthusiastic and sadly he’s was one of the better performances on the pre-show.

Rocsi and Terrence. Ughh Why? She looks like a bedazzled hot mess. They said they are leaving 106 & Park. I need that show to end now. Terrence quitting I understand, Rocsi no. Just because you upgraded to Eddie Murphy as a boyfriend doesn’t mean you need to quit your day job because lets be real you really have no job prospects. It seems like the male former hosts of 106 &Park always end up doing bigger and better things than the show but the women always falter. I mean who has seen Julissa or Free in anything since they left the show.

Tamar Braxton is a hot mess. First of this dress is a mess, second you are a red carpet correspondent act like it. You don’t need to be sooo hood about it. I mean I know it’s BET but still.

Elle Varner that’s what I’m talking about. She sang that song. These performances have been pretty good. Shocking I know.

Please learn from E! just because you see someone who you like coming next on the interview line does not mean that you need to cut short the interview and push the person out of the way to go to the person you really want Big Tigga.

Oh Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank just announced that they are forming the super group, TGT and are working on an album. I feel like they made this announcement back in the late 90s when all three of these guys were still relevant. It’s funny because they got interviewed after the show by Wendy Raquel Robinson (Tasha; The Game) and when they mentioned that she thought it was a joke and Tyrese kind of got mad because they were so serious. SMH.

OMG Girlz just because you are the offspring of a famous singer and rapper doesn’t mean you should try to be a singer or performer. Please stop the madness. Their actual dancing wasn’t terrible but their vocals leave A LOT to be desired.

This is a quote from a friend as the pre-show came to an end, “I swear if I ever worked for bet, even in a respectable capacity, I’d have to think really hard about putting it on my resume.” -A  And that quote pretty much summarizes the pre-show and the real show hadn’t even begun. Oh this was going to be pure comedy.

And comedy it was. It opened with the G.O.O.D Music crew performing “Mercy”. This song is my jam but my gosh that performance was awful. I did love Kanye’s diva antics when he finished and dropped the mike.

OMG host Samuel L. Jackson and Spike Lee are better than this. Parody of N****s in Paris.  Kanye West wins the first award of the night and BET was really loving the shots of Kim Kardashian. Jay Z looks great in a suit. These mics are just the worse.

Chantell Moore did a random Donna Summer tribute that was barely acknowledged.

Nicky Minaj this performance is so awful. Not as awful as her MTV video music awards last year but it was still bad. I mean all she has to do is flash that booty of hers.

Nicki Minaj’s entire performance

Melanie Fiona is so slept on. Love her. One of the better performances of the night. Great voice. Classed up the joint a bit.

Lala Vasquez Anthony no. That bedazzled bejeweled Princess Jasmine jumpsuit is not cute. Please don’t make that mistake again.

D’Angelo performs and he has come a long way from this  to his performance tonight.  Love that the audience was up and rooting for him. He had a good performance his look  on the other hand ughhh.

Beyonce won for best female R&B artist and looked fantastic while doing it.

Real  husbands of Hollywood was funnier last year. I like Kevin Hart but that ridiculous stand up bit was not good.

Maybach Music Group performance was a mess. Too many people on stage. I love Wale but no sir.

Frankie Beverly and Maze tribute was pretty great. Faith Evans, Joe and Tyrese. Good performance. The second best of the night. Tyrese made people remember he could sing because Twitter has made him look like a complete idiot. They accepted their award and then tried to show the kiddies how it’s done. They struggled though. 35 years will put some strain on your vocals so I’m not even mad. Whoever was working the camera did a great job with the cuts to the audience. There are some great moments from that especially the one where they show Kim Kardashian dancing on Kanye’s back. Hilarious.

Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington present video of the year to Jay-Z and Kanye West for “Otis” which by the way was not the video of the year. They have a great rapore and did a funny acceptance speech. New clip of their new Django Unchained was shown. I need this to come out now.

Oh man here comes the Chris Brown performance.  He sang for a little bit then did some acrobatics and called it a night and had the nerve to call that a performance. Really Chris? No. Moving on.

Al Sharpton gets a humanitarian award given to him by Debra Lee, who someone on twitter said looks like an asian cabbage patch doll. Twitter is quite hilarious to be on during award shows. I don’t understand why she speaks? She’s so horrible at public speaking. You’d think she’d work on that since she is the head of a network.  

Whitney tribute with Mariah Carey, Monica, Brandy, Gary Houston, Cissy Houston, the cast of Waiting To Exhale and Chaka Khan was so wonderful. This performances wooooo. PERFECTION!!! PERFECTION!!! That’s how you do a tribute. So good.

The show should have just ended here. But no, they had to end with a performance from Cashin’ Out (yes that’s a real name) talking about riding with a hoe named Keisha smoking on Keisha. Really?  Chris Brown won the last award of the night. I have to give it to him. Team Breezy is dedicated. One girl voted for him 50,000 so that he could win his awards. Seriously? Get a life.

Well that is the end. It wasn’t as terrible as I hoped and it ended up being highly entertaining and comedic (not on purpose of course). Hopefully next year’s will be just as entertaining.

3 thoughts on “BET Awards 2012”

  1. Bernie! Thanks so much for this summary. Now I know I should watch the Whitney Tribute, and Melanie Fiona’s performance. Beyonce looks beautifully gorgeous as always. Excited to hear my fav singers from the 90’s and early 2000’s: Brandy and Monica!

  2. Oh gosh. Monica and Brandy both STILL have it. Their performances were AWESOME! Can I just say that Angela looks like a goddess. Wow…Ain’t that woman like 50 years old? I will be happy if I EVER get on HALF of her level. I’m amazed. And Chaka looked great. She’s lost a lot of weight I think. But…where was Mariah in this tribute? Did they have beef or something? Mariah wasn’t singing at Whitney’s funeral either. What’s up with that? Ok…I’m done. Back to work. lol

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