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MTV Video Music Awards Promo

MTV has named funny man Kevin Hart as the host of next month’s Video Music Awards. Kevin Hart’s star has definitely been on the rise this year(Think Like A Man, Laugh At My Pain, Five Year Engagement) and he is no stranger to the awards show, so it only makes sense for MTV to make him this year’s host. They released the first promo of the show yesterday and it features the new “it” couple, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Keeping Up With The Kardashians). It’s a pretty good promo. Kim is not the best actress and she is acting as herself lol. This makes me think of when Fantasia Barrino (American Idol Season 3 winner) was playing herself in her Lifetime movie bio-pic, Life Is Not A Fairy Tale, and was doing a bad job playing herself.

The Video Music Awards air Thursday, September 6 @ 8/7c on MTV.

BET Awards 2012

The BET Awards aired their annual show last night and they should have just called the show “The Carters and Kimye” because that is all the camera cut to for most of the show. The show ran 3 1/2 hours and that is minus the pre-show. Lets’s start with the pre-show. It ran for 2 hours and was just a hot bed of ignorance and

Machine Gun Kelly performing. He’s …. enthusiastic and sadly he’s was one of the better performances on the pre-show.

Rocsi and Terrence. Ughh Why? She looks like a bedazzled hot mess. They said they are leaving 106 & Park. I need that show to end now. Terrence quitting I understand, Rocsi no. Just because you upgraded to Eddie Murphy as a boyfriend doesn’t mean you need to quit your day job because lets be real you really have no job prospects. It seems like the male former hosts of 106 &Park always end up doing bigger and better things than the show but the women always falter. I mean who has seen Julissa or Free in anything since they left the show.

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Kim Kardashian Cast in New Tyler Perry Movie

So Tyler Perry might have just found a way to make me not watch another one of his movies. He has just cast Kim Kardashian in next film The Marriage Counselor. The movie is based on one of Perry’s stage plays about a marriage counselor  whose marriage begins to fall apart when her in-laws move in. She then begins to cheat on her husband (because that is going to save that marriage), and her co-worker takes her to the big city to get a makeover. The marriage counselor will be played by Jurnee Smollett and the co-worker will be Kardashian’s character. First of all the plot for this movie sounds awful. Seriously Tyler Perry? WTF. So she’s a marriage counselor who cheats on her husband and then her co-worker gets her a makeover? Ridiculous. Second of all this role sounds like it’s a pretty big one in the movie. I’m not even gonna fake and say I don’t watch The Kardashians, I do. I watch all of them, even all the spin-offs. I’m fascinated by Kris Jenner’s pimp game because the way she hustles for her kids is AMAZING. That being said, I don’t want to watch them in a movie. They are reality tv stars and I think they need to just stay where they are. Maybe do some bit parts here and there or cameos but serious acting? No. This movie just sounds awful from beginning to end and I’m really sad that Jurnee Smollett is in this because she is definitely better than this mess. That being said I’ll be seeing this movie at a free screening, then again maybe not because Perry tends to not pre-screen his movies for critics. If that’s the case, then someone will have to let me know how it is.