Premieres and Returns For Tuesday 1/10/12

Lots of reality returns tonight as most scripted shows returned last week. Here’s what’s returns and premieres tonight.


Dance Moms (Lifetime) – Season Premiere. I watched an episode of this show because I was forced to by a friend who is obsessed with it. It was of course a train wreck in the same vein of Toddlers and Tiaras. So if you like Toddlers and Tiaras, we can no longer be friends but you will also enjoy this show.


The Game (BET) – Season Premiere. Brittany Daniels (Kelly Pitts) is out and Brandy Norwood is in as Chardonnay (could this not be a more ghetto name, then again this is what this show has become on BET) who gets into a romantic entanglement with Jason Pitts (Coby Bell). I watched the show while it was on the CW and was happy that it got saved but not that it got saved by BET. It has gotten so bad. The characters are former shells of themselves and the writing is TERRIBLE. It reminds me of the even WORSE show Single Ladies that airs on VH1.

Tabitha’s Takeover (BRAVO) – Season Premiere. I love some Tabitha Coffey. This season she’s not only taking over salons, but restaurants, boutiques, etc. Yes! More ways for her to get even snarkier.



Let’s Stay Together (BET) – Season Premiere. Season 2 opens and picks up with dramas surrounding Charles’ and Stacy’s wedding. Here, Charles escapes from an elevator and attempts to head home. Meanwhile, Troy arrives at Tasha’s house, upsetting Jamal. I don’t know anything about these characters. All I know is I watched the pilot, it was terrible and I gave it a pass.



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