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Fall TV: Top New and Returning Shows

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If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you know I love television. You also know I LOVE FALL TELEVISION. The air begins to cool down, Starbucks brings back their pumpkin spiced flavor and all of my favorites and potential favorites come back from their summer hiatus. It’s the most magical time ever.

So here I’m going to wax poetic on what returning shows I am looking forward to as well as what new ones I hope are as good as their trailers seem.

Returning Shows


Season 5 is going to be amazing. Season 4 ended with the writers giving the fans what they have wanted for 4 long seasons and they definitely did not disappoint. Season 5 will start with the morning after of Castle and Beckett getting together as well as what happens with Esposito and Beckett after they quit the force. Hopefully we will get some mending of Ryan and Esposito’s friendship. Can’t wait for this one. The new season starts Monday, September 24 @10/9c on ABC.

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GCB (Good Christian B****es) is a new spring show that premiered last Sunday on ABC. It stars Kristin Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb and Annie Potts. It’s set in a suburb of Dallas,TX. If you know Dallas, then it probably reminds you of the very gated community of Highland Park where President Bush lives. Two episodes in and I like it. It’s pretty funny (mainly because of Chenoweth) but it’s just ok. The cast makes me want to watch more. I liked Chenoweth since I watched on the highly underrated ABC show, Pushing Daisies. She knows how to bring the comedy. And Leslie Bibb who is the main star of the show isn’t the greatest actress but I watch her in everything she’s been in simply because I loved her on the old WB show, Popular (Another Ryan Murphy show. I was really sad when this got cancelled). Annie Potts is also one of the reasons I watch. She is in some of my favorite things from the 80’s (Pretty In Pink, Ghostbusters I and II, & Designing Women). The other thing that makes me like this show is how they make fun of hypocritical Christians. I think the show can only get better. If they take the good things from the show and keep it going then I don’t see why this show wouldn’t be on for at least 2 seasons. The ratings haven’t been that great though so don’t get too attached people.