Mid-Season New and Returning Shows (2013)

The holidays are here and all your shows are in reruns or got cancelled (I’ll miss you Emily Owens, M.D). I know you are pretty anxious for their return. Don’t fret, you can find the dates of every single show’s return date as well as new shows that will be premiering this Winter at the bottom of this post. Shows return as early today, the 1st of the year. Here are some the returning and new shows I’m looking forward to.

The Americans (FX) Series premiere January 21 @ 10/9c.

Keri Russell back on television?? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! And playing a bad ass?? Double YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! FX has stepped up their game when it comes to their programming (Sons of Anarchy, Justified, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia,etc) and this show looks like it will be no exception. This show set in the Cold World era stars Keri Russell (Felicity, Mission Impossible 3) and Matthew Rhys (Brothers & Sisters, The Edge of Love) as KGB officers, who are working as sleeper agents trained to impersonate American citizens in Washington D.C. This is going to be great. Hopefully this show will do well and keep Russell on TV where she belongs.

The Good Wife (CBS) Season 4 resumes January 6th @ 10/9c

Season 4 hasn’t been the best but it’s still been better than half the shows on television. This season we are in the middle of has been very hit and miss, mostly because everything is not in sync. The storyline with Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and her husband, played by Marc Warren (Doctor Who, Mad Dogs) is one of the biggest missteps that has happened to this show. The show creators, Robert and Michelle King, told TV Guide recently, they are going to fix things. They stated:

“You don’t give James Bond a girlfriend. Some characters you actually don’t want to see that much backstory. We’re adjusting. No matter where we went, this was not a place where the audience wanted to go.”

Hopefully the ship gets righted with the rest of the season. Check out the promo for the next new episode, “Boom De Ya Da.”

Red Widow (ABC) Series premiere March 3 @10/9c

Red Widow is a story about a suburban housewife (Radha Mitchell; Phone Booth, The Crazies, Man On Fire) and her husband who is involved in illegal drug business with his wife’s family. The get caught up with a debt that ends in the murder of her husband and the imprisonment of her brother. Because of this, Marta has to keep the family safe by paying off their debt and getting into the business. Now she must find out what happened to her husband and who is responsible.

I thought the trailer for this looked pretty good. The story looks a little been there done that but I like Radha Mitchell and she is one of the creators of the show so we shall see.

Scandal Season 2 resumes January 10 @10/9c

Scandal left us with a doozy of a cliffhanger before they took off for the holidays. Huck “shot” the president but nope it wasn’t him it was his crazy psycho girlfriend, who turned out to be a hired assassin like him. Now Huck has been given up to the vice president and captured. As the show returns with episode 10, we still don’t know who hired crazy girl to shoot the president and we also don’t know when Fitz is going to pull through (he has to because there is no way in hell that woman who is sitting as president should be there. Hell, she might be behind the whole thing). Hopefully, we get some answers soon from Ms. Shonda Rhimes.

The Mindy Project Season 1 resumes January 8 @9:30/8:30c

We left off with the Christmas episode and Mindy finding out that her boyfriend, Josh (Tommy Dewey; 17 Again, Step Up Revolution) still had a girlfriend and said girlfriend (Elle Kemper; Bridesmaids, The Office) came and destroyed her party.  While this show started off a little off, it has definitely found its groove and keeps me cracking up every Tuesday night. Mindy Kaling definitely speaks to me with this show. It’s just too funny. Here’s to more laughs and adventures for Mindy in the new year.

Suits (USA) Season 2 resumes January 17 @10/9c

This is one of my favorite shows on USA. Season 1 was wonderful and season 2 started off even better. The summer half of season 2 ended with Mike’s (Patrick J. Adams; Pretty Little Liars, Luck) grandmother dying and him sleeping with that whore Tess and Rachel walking in on them. Tess isn’t a whore. I just hate her because Rachel (Meghan Markle; Horrible Bosses, Fringe) had finally decided to give Mike a chance after his grandmother died and she messed it up AGAIN for them. Oh yeah and Daniel Hardman is gone (for now) but the fight leaves the firm vulnerable to others. Harvey (Gabriel Macht; Love and Other Drugs, Because I Said So) and Jessica (Gina Torres; Serenity, I Think I Love My Wife, The Matrix: Reloaded) work to keep everything together. I absolutely love this cast. They are just so perfect. Gina Torres, ugh can I be her when I grow up? She’s so amazing. I can’t wait to see how the rest of the season turns out. If it’s anything like the first half, it will be Ah-Mah-Zing.

Smash (NBC) Season 2 premieres February 5 @10/9c

Oh Smash, I wish I could quit ya. This show started off with a lot of promise and then slowly moved into the WTH territory with its convoluted storylines and highly unlikely characters. It was loved and then became a show that people hate-watched. Things are looking up though for Season 2. There is a new show runner and several dreadful characters have been axed (good riddance Ellis, Dev, Julia’s husband, and Michael Swift. Too bad they didn’t get rid of Julia’s kid, Leo). There are also several guests stars (Jennifer Hudson, Sean Hayes and Lizi Minnelli) as well as some new characters. All of these changes make me more optimistic for the new season and as long they keep Megan Hilty singing her butt off every episode(Let’s be real she is the star of the show no matter how much they try to make it Katherine McPhee), then everything should be alright.

The Carrie Diaries (CW) Series premiere January 14 @8/7c

The Carrie Diaries is a prequel of the HBO hit, Sex and The City and follows the teenage years of Carrie Bradshaw growing up in New York after the death of her mother. Carrie is played by Anna Sophia Robb (Soul Surfer, Bridge to Terabithia) and is joined by Austin Butler (Switched At Birth, Life Unexpected), Chloe Bridges (Camp Rock 2, 90210) and many others. I don’t knwo what it is about CW shows but they always pull me no matter how terrible they are – and some are quite terrible hmm Beauty and The Beast. This is scheduled for Monday nights and will more than likely fill as my Gossip Girl show, all about fashion, with over the top storylines, and can be watched on mute. Hopefully it will be better than that. Nothing can be worst than the last couple of seasons of Gossip Girl.

The Following (FOX) Series premiere January 21 9/8c.

Kevin Bacon in his first television series? Yessssssssssssssssss!!!! The Following is about a former FBI agent, Kevin Hardy (Bacon) who returns to duty to investigate the case of serial killer Joe Carroll (James Purefoy; Rome, Revenge), who has been communicating with other active serial killers to form a cult of believers following his every command. This show looks very dark and a little scary. I feel like this show should be a movie or something. It’s so dark and disturbing that I’m surprised it’s airing on network tv. It looks like it  should be on cable and because it the gruesomeness of it.  Definitely one to watch. Hopefully others tune in to and the ratings for this go more towards House than the recently cancelled Mob Boss.

Cougar Town (TBS)* Season 4 premieres January 8 10/9c

*=new network

The Cul-de-Sac crew is back and on a new network, TBS. It was touch and go last season with the show moving to certain cancellation by ABC and TBS coming and saving the day. But even with all that drama, the show is still bringing the funny. Besides Happy Endings, this show is one of my favorite comedies. We left off last season with Grayson and Jules getting married, Travis and Laurie almost hooking up and lots of wine drinking. I am not for the whole Laurie and Travis thing but everything else is great. Love the cast and everything about this show. Programming my DVR as we speak.

New shows Returning  Winter Hiatus

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