What To Watch: Sunday January 13


Sundays just got even more jam packed with all of the Showtime and HBO’s mid-season lineup returning tonight.

Live From The Red Carpet (E!) – 5/4c Awards season is in high gear and I love a red carpet. E! happens to throw the best red carpet party with Ryan Seacrest and Giuliani Rancic. Tonight’s carpet is for the 70th annual Golden Globe awards.


70th Annual Golden Globe Awards (NBC) – 8/5p I love the Globes because they are always a nice booze filled party and not as stuffy as the Oscars. Everyone is sitting to dinner and by the end of it someone who is presenting or accepting an award is slurring their words in the funniest way. The awards usually hosted by Ricky Gervais are being turned over to funny ladies Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

The Cleveland Show (FOX) – 7:30/6:30c. Cleveland returns from winter hiatus tonight with the episode titled “Hustle & Bros” where he gets furious when Donna’s ex-husband, Robert, crashes Freight Train’s birthday party and upstages Cleveland’s gift for his dad. To make matters worse, Freight Train officially adopts Robert, and Cleveland must learn to get along with his new “brother.” Meanwhile, to pay off a bet they owe to Donna, Rallo and Junior become “dog bounty hunters,” tracking down lost pooches, returning them to their owners and collecting the rewards.

Girls (HBO) – 9/8c Season 2 Premiere. The show everyone loves or loves to hate is back. We return with Hannah throwing a party with her new roommate, Elijah, and getting ready to move on in her romantic life despite still tending to a needy ex, Adam, and his broken leg. Meanwhile, Shoshanna does her best to avoid Ray; Marnie gets bad news from her boss; and Jessa returns from her honeymoon with Thomas-John.

Shameless (SHOWTIME) – 9/8c Season 3 Premiere. Fiona adapts to living with Jimmy; Frank awakens in a strange place; and Lip gets sentenced to community service. Meanwhile, Jody and Sheila are losing sleep over Baby Hymie’s nocturnal restlessness.

Enlightened (HBO) – 9:30/8:30c Season 2 Premiere. Fearing her job is about to be eliminated, Amy contacts an investigative reporter in the Season 2 première when she uses Tyler’s IT password to compile a trove of incriminating e-mails from Abaddonn executives that could bring the company down.

House of Lies (SHOWTIME) – 10/9c Season 2 Premiere. The aftermath of the sexual-harassment scandal leaves Marty and his Pod adjusting to a new corporate culture at Galweather Stearn, where the interim CEO entrusts consummate closer Marty with sealing a big deal. Later, a boozy night on the town leaves Jeannie reeling, while Marty’s relationship with Roscoe is in need of some repair. I wasn’t sold on this show in the first couple of episodes of Season 1 but man did it get amped up through the rest of the season. This season is looking to get even better. New guest stars (Nia Long and Larenz Tate) are coming along and I’m curious to see how they are going to write Kristen Bell’s pregnancy into the show.

Pete Rose: Hits & Misses (TLC) – 10/9c. Here we go again with a new reality show on TLC. They really have to change the name of the network. This new show follows former baseball player Pete Rose and his fiancée, model Kiana Kim, as they prepare to get married and blend their families. It starts with the couple throwing their engagement party that gets off to a slow start when neither of their families shows up on time. Sounds riveting.

Californication (SHOWTIME) – 10:30/9:30c Season 6 Premiere.  Still reeling from the murder attempt on his life, Hank accompanies Charlie to a meeting with a rock star who wants to mount a Broadway musical based on Hank’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” This show is going to be just as crazy as ever. Last season I was getting a little tired of the back and forth between Karen and Hank but when they ended the season with that psycho ex of Hank’s (Natalie Zea) trying to make sure they stayed together forever with a double suicide, the proved me wrong in just how crazy they could get on this show.

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