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Fall TV Week 4 & 5

Raising Hope – This show continues to be so hilarious. I feel like it has gotten better and better as the seasons have gone by. Martha Plimpton and Cloris Leachman continue to deliver the funniest lines.

Hart of Dixie – I can’t even lie. I love this show. It’s so cliché and really not that good but it just make me nostalgic for the WB from the 90’s when Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, 7th Heaven, etc were still on. The love triangle with George and Wade is getting tired. I like her with Wade. She’s so blah with George but Wade keeps her on her toes. This whole Lavon and his ex girlfriend running against each other for mayor is so stupid. I guess they needed another story for Lavon since he has nothing going on with his character except for being the wise friend to Zoe. I will keep watching though.

90210 – Cliche, predictable, overly dramatic; these are all things that describe this show, yet I still love watching it. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. My favorite thing is to do is to yell at the screen at all the plot holes and predict what is going to happen in the episode. This season Dixon is in a wheel chair; Silver is feeling sorry for herself because all her boys left her; Annie has nothing to do but fawn over Dixon; Naomi and Max are married and his friend hates her; Liam is an idiot and being blackmailed by that psycho heffa Vanessa; Navid is trying and failing at being a bad boy; and Adrianna slept with someone else has feelings for him but is staying with Dixon out of pity because he was in an accident. The season just started and it’s already pretty ridiculous. I will stick it out as I have for 4 other seasons.

Arrow – This show is like Batman and Revenge but together. This guy has a list and he’s checking it twice. He also has a lair which he was all set up with computers and other equipment out of nowhere. I know we are supposed to suspend some belief in watching these shows but that part was just a mess. Besides these little annoyances, I liked the show. I feel like I already know where the show is going to go but I like the lead and the different people involved in the story. Not too bad of a pilot. I will keep watching this one and see if it gets better.

Beauty & The Beast – I don’t know about this show. It’s pretty bad; the kind of bad that still makes you watch, like a train wreck. I don’t know why they are calling this show Beauty and The Beast because the beast is not beastly at all. He’s more like the Hulk who only turns beastly when he gets angry. It’s so over dramatic but not in the fun way 90210 is. I think I was laughing for more than half of the premiere episode. Just skip this one unless you are a fan of terrible shows then please by all means continue to watch.

Nashville – It’s fantastic. It’s soapy but smart and beautifully written with amazing acting. I am slightly biased because I LOVE CONNIE BRITTON but even if I didn’t, this is still a great show. Hayden Panettiere is great playing a slutty Taylor Swift-esqe bad girl. Loved her for a long time so I’m very happy that she is back on television. After the premiere, I just see so many places that the show can go. If you were turned off by the Nashville aspect of the show, don’t worry about that there is plenty more there to watch. Give the show a try — unless you hate good  tv.

Chicago Fire – I thought this show was pretty good. I felt like I was watching Law & Order when I watched. Turns out it is produced by Dick Wolf, the producer of the Law & Order franchise. It has a good cast. Taylor Kinney who was Mason, Tyler’s uncle, on The Vampire Diaries all kinds of brooding hotness. Jesse Spencer, from House fame, plays the rival to Taylor Kinney’s character. Monica Raymund (Lie To Me) also stars. It was your typical procedural. Nothing spectacular but I’ll continue watching.

The Vampire Diaries – Sucks to be Matt since everyone is just gonna keep telling him they wished he died all season. I use to love Selena (Stephen and Elena) but after a season of them not being together, I’m way over them and hoping for some more Delena (Damon and Elena) this season. I don’t know what happened at the ending of this. It was so weird. I know all will be revealed soon though. Solid return episode and yesssssssssssssss Klaus is back and hopefully to stay.

Postmortem On The Good Wife Episode “Another Ham Sandwich”

***Spoilers Ahead***

OMG OMG OMG!!! That had to have been the best episode of The Good Wife this season. Wendy Scott Carr (Anika Noni Rose) got owned by Peter (Chris Noth) at the end of this episode. One of the most epic scenes. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the beginning.

The episode begins with Wendy, Cary (Matt Czuchry), and Dana (Monica Raymund) looking like they had this thing in the bag. Wendy begins by giving instructions to the grand jury and then we head over to Lockhart-Gardner where Diane (Christine Baranski) is about to give the news of Will (Josh Charles) possibly being indicted to the partners. First she tells Alicia (Julianna Margulies), who was still in the dark about what has been happening for the last 2-3 episodes about it. Alicia runs to Will and they have a moment. Can I say I really love these two and I like them together but man the show is juiciest when they are apart.

We then get into the testimonies and they all seem to hurt Will a lot. They all realize that in order to get through this thing, they have to tie Peter to it because if he thinks it will hurt him then he will call it off. Wendy through out what she was hoping was the McDermott case that had come into play in the last episode when it looked like Kalinda was giving Dana information to save Alicia but take down Will. We would soon realize, as would Dana and Wendy, that all of this was just bait used so that they wouldn’t go after Will’s real vulnerability which is Alicia.

Peter and Alicia have a conversation about the grand jury in what was one of the best exchanges of the night. Alicia ask Peter to stop the investigation and it doesn’t go well. They get into a heated exchange and at one point Peter looked like he was going to cry when he asked Alicia about sleeping with Will. At that point is when I yelled at my tv, “Are you kidding me? You slept with hookers and her best friend and you are pissed that she’s been with someone else?” Then Peter spat this out at Alicia, “My god, you have changed,I used to be able to tell when you lied.” Chris Noth and Alicia were giving it this episode. Ughhh it was just soooo goooood. All of their scenes were great. I like their scenes together, there is such a great chemistry there.

After the embarrassment that Will gave Wendy during his testimony, Dana goes after Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) and slaps her after realizing that she was duped from the beginning. They went after Alicia like everyone predicted. Wendy starts leading with some inappropriate questioning about her relationship with Will and the perks she has received from that relationship. I love that Cary tries to stop her, but to no avail. Wendy was on a tirade and Alicia was not having it. She got up in the middle of questioning and when she was told she wasn’t excused and would be held in contempt, Alicia spat out, “Then arrest me.” Uhhhhh it was such a great moment.

The grand jury had common sense though and saw through what Wendy was trying to do. The case completely crumpled there. There was a celebration at Lockhart-Gardner after Will won which had a sweet scene with Diane and Will dancing together. It just made my heart smile. That relationship is one of the great ones that is on this show. The Good Wife does relationships and friendships soooo well and Will and Diane to me are one of the best.

Peter then rightfully dismisses Wendy, who tries to plea to him to continue on with the case against Will. But Peter isn’t having it not after she went after Alicia and couldn’t even get the grand jury in indict. In what might be the best “you have been dismissed” scene ever, Peter tells Wendy, “You’re excused. We’re done. Thank you for your service; my assistant will validate your parking. Get out of my office.” And scene.

I know they need a B plot going on during the episode but I really could have done without the one they had last night. Don’t get me wrong I love me some Alan Cumming and Amy Sedaris but I feel like they just kinda took away a little from the rest of the episode. I’m sad that we won’t be getting another new episode until February 18 but man what a way to go.