Fall TV Week 3 **Spoiler Alert**

Partners – Right off the bat it looks just like Will & Grace, which I liked. Glad Brandon Routh has found some steady employment. I didn’t love the show but I liked it. It was consistent and has some laughs. I like Sophia Bush’s character. I feel like she is still playing Brooke from One Tree Hill though. Michael Urie is adorable. It looks like he is playing a less bitchy version of his character on Ugly Betty. We’ll see how the next episode goes.

The Mindy Project – Liked it.  Its funny and quirky (not Zooey Deschanel annoying quirky. I love New Girl but sometimes its just too much). The show wasn’t a slam dunk but it has great potential. Mindy Kaling is a great writer so I only see the show getting better. I thought the supporting characters were pretty good as well. This gets a season pass because I really like Kaling.

Ben & Kate – I didn’t think this show would be good but I kind of like it. Ben is an idiot and Kate is the sister that puts up with him. It has the little girl from We Own A Zoo. She’s too adorable. I like when they have kids on shows that aren’t bratty and are there to make the adults feel stupid. I think the show works and its pretty funny. The main characters are good but the supporting characters are even better. Good show. It’s getting a season pass from me.

2 Broke Girls – A solid return for this show that got it little off towards the end of the season. I love Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs. They really do have a lot of chemistry on-screen together. The one I don’t like about this show is the one note supporting characters. You have the typical fresh of the boat Asian dork, Russian horn dog, Polish madame and the older wiser Morgan Freeman type character. I see no growth in them from the pilot to this season. Hoping for more growth and the return of real life boyfriend of Kat Dennings, Nick Zano, to his recurring role on the show. Season pass stays on this unless it gets drastically worse.

Revenge –  Good premiere. There might not have been any bombshells on the premiere, but it was a great setup for the season. I wish they had let Charlotte die. She is the most annoying character on the show. Followed closely by Fauxmanda. I love that Nolan is living with Emily Clarke. He looked so hot in this episode. Someone went and got a 6-pack during the hiatus. We all knew Victoria wasn’t dead but does that mean that Lydia is alive as well because she can stay dead. Looking forward to the season and what is in store for everyone. The season pass continues on this show.

666 Park Avenue – Love Vanessa Williams and Terry O’Quinn but they were barely there in this pilot. I thought they were the main stars of the show. I did like everyone in it so far. The show seems a little disjointed and kind of all over the place. I need it to be a little more creepy although that might be too much for network television. Hopefully it gets better because now I’m underwhelmed by it. I’ll try it for 3 more episodes.

The Good Wife – LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Kalinda so much. Best character ever. This husband of hers is going to be major trouble this season. This is why people shouldn’t have kids. They are just so annoying sometimes. Alicia’s kids just never think ever. That said the cop was being absolutely ridiculous. Loved the way Kristin Chenoweth and Julianna Marguilles went back and forth on that interview. I also like this new showdown that is going on with Peter and guy from the other county. Cary wasn’t used at all in this premiere. I mean he was there but it felt more like window dressing for all the things happening around the office. I need more Cary and Eli please. I don’t know how I feel about Alicia and Peter working it out. I’m very much a Alicia/Will fan but I also like Peter. So I’m always back and forth when something happens with one of the pairs. Overall good episode. It’s gonna be a good season.

Homeland – “What did we miss?” That’s what the vice-president asked Brody when he asked him about be his running mate. I burst out laughing when he said that line. What have you missed??? Sooooo much sir, so much. Poor Carrie. They keep jerking her around and using her when it suits their purposes. Brody is so screwed. He thought he got away with not having to do anything drastic last season but Nazir is definitely not playing that. This is why I think Brody will have to die this season. They can’t keep this up with him not getting violent. He is either going to get killed by Nazir himself or by the U.S government. The scenes for what is coming this season are sooooooo awesome. I can’t wait.

Modern Family – Good premiere. While I don’t think it should have won the Emmy for best comedy, I think it is a solid show. New Lily is so annoying but that could just be me because I think most kids are kind of annoying. I liked how they jumped from where they ended last summer to the end of summer with Gloria looking about 3 months pregnant. Nice premiere. I’m still down with the Dunpheys.

New Girl – Hilarious premiere. This show is just soooo hilarious. Jess is funny but the people who make this show are the supporting characters. Schmidt is my favorite character. Max Greenfield was definitely robbed of an Emmy this year because he had some of the best stuff last year. As long as they keep things up like this, I will be sticking around.

Vegas – Pretty good show. Like the showdown that is coming this season with Michael Kicklis and Dennis Quaid’s characters. It is your usual CBS procedural but its a good one and will do well. I think it will only get better. This one gets a season pass from me.

Castle – AHHHH!!! YES YES YES!!! Loved this premiere. It had everything I love about this show; great banter between Castle and Beckett, the father daughter relationship stuff with Castle and Alexis and a great mystery. I was on the edge of my seat. It was so great. I love how the new mystery has been set up for the rest of the season. They are so good at keeping you hooked. They answer some questions and then bring up about 3 more complex ones that leave you scratching your head. Of course you know I am also loving the romance of Beckett and Castle. Finally 4 seasons of waiting are over. This season is going to be AMAHZING!!!!!

The Neighbors – This show is pretty bad. Poor Jamie Getz. She’s not a bad actress but this makes her look like one. Basically just skip this one.

Scandal – Vastly improved from where it was at the beginning of the season. Quinn was already annoying last season and she is even more annoying now. They should have kept her in jail. Man when Fitz went off on Millie dang, that was just beautiful. That scene was crazy good. I’m not for cheating (in real life) but on a show sometimes. Fitz and Olivia is just so much better than Fitz and Millie. The whole mystery with Quinn was pretty predictable. I figured Olivia had something to do with it but I didn’t think the computer guy did, although I should have. It was a pretty good episode. Now I just want to know the why of things? Olivia is doing all of these shady things. Why?

Elementary – I don’t know about this show. I like Johnny Lee Miller and love Lucy Liu but I’m not really feeling it. I can’t put my finger on what it is but I don’t know. I will give it another try.

Person Of Interest – Started of slow last season but got better and better. I love Amy Acker so much in this premiere. My love for Fred on Angel will never die. This premiere answered some questions but also showed that the mystery goes a lot deeper than was thought. I love the way Jim Caviezel plays his character — always cool, calm and collected. I love Taraji P. Henson in this, but I would like them to give her a bit more to do.

Made In Jersey – This show was ok. There is nothing amazing about it. It’s your typical CBS procedural but a very light version of one. It works for Friday nights on CBS. The acting isn’t bad but it’s not good either. I can take it or leave it and with all the other things I have to watch, I just might leave this one. We’ll see though. I’ll give it 3 more episodes.

Blue Bloods – I don’t know why I continue to watch this show. Season 1 was good but somewhere between that season and now, it’s just done down in quality. I had it on to watch and it just became background noise as I worked. I will more than likely keep watching out of habit but I won’t actively engage in it unless it gets better.

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