First Cut Of The Season: CBS Cancels “Made In Jersey”

I didn’t even get a chance to know you Jersey. CBS has cancelled freshman series Made in Jersey, making it the first network to cut a show in this new fall season. The series, which aired on Friday nights, premiered 2 weeks ago to the tune of 7.7 million viewers. This number isn’t terrible for a Friday but the number of people watching in the coveted 18-49 group for advertisers was extremely low. The number only got lower on the 2nd week thus prompting CBS to make the chop. It will be replaced by the reality show Undercover Boss at the beginning of November.

This show was just so-so as I said in a post 2 weeks ago. The only thing that I was excited about was that my man Kristoffer Polaha was going to be in it. So sad. He just can’t catch a break at all. All of his series where he has been a regular in the last 6 years have been cancelled, either after a few episodes or after one season. Hopefully his next show will get picked up and make it or he can just get on an already established show as a new character.

With this cancellation by CBS, Entertainment Weekly has officially started its Fall TV Death Watch. See if your favorite shows will make it by May.



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