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Some TV Stories

Celebrity Apprentice is back for season 13. Donald Trump announced that this edition is an all-stars edition.[Associated Press]

One of my favorite summer shows, Suits, will be back for a 3rd season. [Huffington Post]

Cougar Town back this January on TBS. First promos. I can’t wait [TVLine]

Really? You Don’t Say? Tyra Banks Producing a Show About Herself. Of Course She Is. If you watched any episode of America’s Next Top Model or her talk show, The Tyra Banks Show, then you know it’s always about Tyra, [TVLine]

NBC found out Dane Cook wasn’t funny and cancelled his show before it even premiered [Hollywood Reporter]

The Houston Family Gets Their Own Reality Show. Wonderful, now we get to learn all about Bobbi Kristina being engaged to her god-brother. [TheYBF]

Issa Rae, creator of webseries, Awkward Black Girl, is developing the comedy, I Hate LA Dudes, with Grey’s  Anatomy and Scandal creator, Shonda Rhimes for ABC. [Deadline]

One will need to leave reality television and the other won’t be back on The Good Wife for a while. [Zap2It]

Fall TV: Week 1 & 2 (Spoiler Alert)

We are two weeks into the unofficial fall season and my dvr is already screaming from overload. Here are my thoughts on the shows so far.

The New Normal – I have to say that I am liking this show. It’s pretty funny and has a lot of heart. It does beat you over the head a bit with the world hates gay relationships but I still like it. Ellen Barkin and Andrew Rannells are my favorites. The show will receive a season pass from me. For those of you that were turned off by Nene Leakes (The Real Housewives of Atlanta) being on the show, she’s not on the show much so far. She is a recurring character so she won’t be seen a lot and when she is it’s only for a couple of scenes. The Voice – While no one has truly stood out to me so far this season, the show has been very entertaining. The show is about the contestants but it’s  also about the dynamic between the coaches. They have been quite hilarious and pretty much make the show. I’m in with the show this season. The blind auditions are always the best part of this show so after that maybe it won’t be as good.

X-Factor – Like I said before I didn’t watch this show last season because it just wasn’t good. While this season is better, I find my interest waning. The judges are ok. Simon Cowell is the best judge but we knew this from American Idol. Britney Spears seems very over rehearsed in these pre-taped episodes. It feels like she’s being fed lines at times. Demi Levato is a pretty good judge as well. But if I hear her tell some guy they are cute one more time, I might be done.  I will keep watching because I’m curious to see how Britney does with the live episodes. I want to see some crazy come out. Go On – I really wanted to hate this show but after watching 3 episodes of the show, I begrudgingly like it. Matthew Perry is pretty good. I feel like he is playing Chandler at times but that might just be the way Perry is. The supporting cast is great as well. While the premise of the show seems a little morbid – a man looses his wife in a car accident and has to cope with that lose by going to group therapy – it actually deals with the subject very lightheartedly and with a lot of sarcastic humor. This one gets a season pass.

Parenthood – The Bravermans are back to basically make you cry every week. So glad this show made it another season. It’s so good. Haddie is gone to college ,which just made this show exponentially better since she is the most annoying character, Jabar is still the cutest thing, There is a new kid, Max is still a little annoying and oh yeah, Kristina has breast cancer. That whooper was revealed to us in the latest episode this week and was so heart breaking. Jason Katims is so freaking amazing. He is the creator of the show and was an executive producer for one of my other favorite shows, Friday Night Lights. He is the reason I came to this show and he’s the reason I stay. It just has so much heart and the cast is so good. The season pass continues on this show.

The Mob Doctor – Potential. I don’t know. It was ok. I’m not blown away by the show. It felt a little generic like I have seen this movie and it got turned into a show. It has some great people in it though. The acting is one thing that it has going for it. One of my faves, Zach Gilford from Friday Night Lightsis in it and I just hope this show sticks for him. The ratings were pretty low on its premiere night so who knows how long the show will stick.  He needs a successful show. I’ll keep watching and see if it gets better.

Revolution – I came to this show simply because it has J.J Abrams’ (Alias, Fringe, Lost) name on it. The show is set 15 years into the future after the world goes dark. Life goes back to the days before the industrial revolution: families living in quiet cul-de-sacs, and when the sun goes down lanterns and candles are lit. On the fringes of small farming communities, danger lurks. In the midst of all this there is a young lady, whose life is changed when her father is killed because of his knowledge about the blackout. They go on a search to find her uncle who may also know something about the blackout. It started off slow, as do all of Abrams high-concept shows, but quickly picked up and drew you in answering some questions and then bringing up more questions to keep you coming back. I liked it. And it did very well in the ratings with a prime spot after The Voice. This gets a season pass from me and is worth checking out.

The Office – I was ready to give up on this show after the last 2 seasons but since this is the last season I decided that I should just stick it out. Glad I did because I laughed more in Thursday’s episode than I have in the last two seasons of the show. It was paced just right, the gags were hilarious, and the characters seemed like they had been refreshed after the debacle that was James Spader’s Robert California. That is all in great part to Greg Daniels who was the showrunner for  Office during its best seasons and has returned. Hopefully with his return, the show will get back on track.

Up All Night – Glad this show is back. Its pretty hilarious. The whole cast is great. I like the addition of Reagan’s brother, Scott (Luka Jones; Best Friends Forever). I’m glad he got on this show because he was pretty hilarious on his last show (Boo on NBC for cancelling that). This episode set up a great arc – The Ava Show getting cancelled and Chris working with Scott – that I believe will bring out some hilarious episodes. The season pass will continue on this one.

What To Watch: September 10

It’s the unofficial start of the Fall season tonight and there are so many premieres to watch tonight. Be sure to give some of these returning and new shows a shot.


7/6c – ESPN – Monday Night Football – The 43rd season premiere of the long running tradition will premiere with the Cincinnati Bengals versus the Baltimore Ravens. I couldn’t even begin to tell you anything about these two teams or if it’ll even be a good game, but if you love football then you should be watching.
8/7c – VH1 – Basketball Wives LA – This train wreck of a show returns for its second season premiere tonight and for all that love this series it won’t disappoint. People returning to the show are Jackie Christie, Gloria and Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Draya Michele. Other newbies will be introduced as the season goes on and there will always be enough fighting and drama for everyone to get their fill.
8/7c – NBC – The Voice – Season 3 premiere – This show in 2 seasons has definitely gone downhill. I almost stopped watching last season because the quality just wasn’t as good as Season 1. I am holding out hope that they have some amazing singers this year. NBC is rolling out a three night premiere for this show and tonight starts of with the beginning of the blind auditions with all the coaches returning (Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and CeeLo Green), Carson Daly as host and Christina Milian doing absolutely nothing.
9/8c – A&E – Hoarders – Season 6 Premiere. This show is a mess. I just can’t take it. I’m all for train wrecks but this is just a sad show. Tonight’s premiere focuses on a husband who threatens to take his children and leave since his wife has made their home a complete nightmare to live in with the amount of clothes she has accumulated. Another woman moves into her son’s apartment because she can no longer live in her home because of her hoarding but it still follows her to her new place.
10/9c – NBC – The New Normal – Series Premiere. This show from creator Ryan Murphy is about a gay couple Bryan (Andrew Rannells; The Book of Mormon) and David (Justin Bartha; The Hangover) who want a baby. And just when they think they will never get one, Goldie (Georgia King; One Day) shows up looking for an escape from dead-end life and her bigoted grandmother (Ellen Barkin; She Hate Me, Ocean’s Thirteen). She decides to move her young daughter with her to LA and while seeking means to gain some money decides to be the surrogate to Bryan and David’s baby. This show could have potential. We shall see. It’ll probably be good this season or this first episode even and then just disappoint the rest of the season in typical Murphy fashion. The show’s regular night is Tuesdays @9:30/8:30c.
10:30/9:30c – NBC – Go On – Series Premiere. This show ran its premiere towards the end of the Olympics on a random late night and most people didn’t catch it. Here is your chance to get it again. This show stars Matthew Perry (Friends, The Good Wife) as a Ryan, a man who recently lost his wife in a car accident is now ready to get back to work.While he seems like himself, his boss wants him to get some counseling to deal with the loss. He joins a support group with to get in, get out and get back to work as quickly as possible. Ryan’s total lack of interest in healing might be just what this group needs – and maybe, what he needs to move on with his life. I watched the preview episode and I didn’t hate but I didn’t like it either. I shall be giving it another go tonight to see how I feel again. The thing is, as horrible as this sounds, I secretly want this show to fail so that it can free up Matthew Perry for The Good Wife where there is an amazing showdown with him and Peter (Chris Noth) going down. The show will also move to its regular night on Tuesdays @9/8c.


Network Upfronts 2012

I know I’m over 3 weeks late here but…. better late than never right? So upfronts happened and brought about the final nail to the coffins of many shows as well as plenty of renewals for the networks. We also get a preview of what the fall 2012 has in store for us.

Lets’s start with ABC. Their cancelled shows for the 11-12 season were Charlie’s Angels, Desperate Housewives, GCB, Man Up!, Missing, Pan Am, The River and Work It. Renewed shows are Castle, Modern Family, Body of Proof, Cougar Town, Dancing With the Stars, Grey’s Anatomy, Happy Endings, Last Man Standing, Once Upon A Time, Private Practice, Revenge, Suburgatory, The Bachelor, and The Middle.

I’m not really sad about any of the shows that were cancelled here. The only one that I feel they should have given more time to was GCB. Maybe let it run a little more in the summer to catch more of an audience. Their ratings weren’t terrible either so I didn’t really understand that one. As for everything that got renewed YES, YES, YES especially Cougar Town. TBS came in with a last minute save on the show because ABC was definitely going to ax it. So come this fall Cougar Town will no longer air on ABC but on TBS. Continue reading Network Upfronts 2012