What’s On Tonight: Friday Sept 16

Fridays are usually the nights where they send shows to die a slow painful death so there really isn’t anything to watch tonight.  Next Friday are the premieres of Fringe, Blue Bloods, Supernatural and A Gifted Man so there will be plenty.


Haven on SyFy. This show is so great. I’m not even a big sci-fi fan. The show is based on the Stephen King novel, The Colorado Kid . It tells the story of Audrey Parker, an FBI Agent who gets sent to the small town, USA to investigate the murder of an ex-convict. She gets partnered with local policeman, who off course some sexual tension develops with They soon find out that the small town is a safe-haven for people with supernatural abilities (get it Haven) and that the town itself may have a connection to her long-missing past. The show is now on Season 2 and almost over. Catch up with show on SyFy or catch it on Hulu.


The Soup on E!. Joel McHale is the host of this hilarious clip show that makes fun of anything you see on tv from talk shows to soap operas with segments like chat stew and my stories. McHale, who can be seen on the NBC show Community (Season 3 Premiere Thursday @ 8/7c), is very biting with his humor from his The Bachelor jokes to his long-standing joke of making fun of how short Ryan Seacrest is. I watch every Friday because I know he is going to be making fun of some of the same ridiculous things I saw that week on tv, he’ll just be a lot funnier than I would ever be with it.
Four Weddings on TLC. I usually don’t like shows that have to do with weddings but I randomly watched this when I was hanging out with a good friend and I liked it. I mean it’s a reality show so there is not much brain power to be used here after a long week at work. The reason I like the show is because it’s a competition among 4 brides and they basically try to one up each other at the others’ weddings for a chance to win a honeymoon to some island on TLC’s dime. Some of these weddings are so absolutely ridiculous that all you can say is “for real.” It’s also quite funny just how bitchy women will get when another girl is standing in the way of what she deems hers.

Fashion Police on E!. Love this show. Joan Rivers, Kelly Osborne, George Kotsiopoulos, and Guiliana Rancic host the show that looks at all the best and worst fashion of the week. The show is great because they show great clothes but they also go soooo hard on the horrible dressers. It’s the best part of the show.

If none of these shows whet your appetite, then just catch up on all the other stuff that is sitting on your dvr unwatched. Until next time Happy watching.

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