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In Living Color Returning To Television

In Living Color is back. Deadline reports that FOX will be bringing back during the 2012 midseason. Star, Keenan Ivory Wayans will be the host and executive producer of the show that will return as 2 half-hour specials in other to celebrate FOX’s 25th anniversary.  If these specials do well then FOX will reboot the show and bring it back as a regular series next fall with an all new cast and but also with some of the old cast coming back to guest star. The original In Living Color aired for 4 years from 1990 – 1994. I’ll admit I never really watched this show. I’ve just seen some reruns here and there and its pretty hilarious. I’m excited about this coming back because Keenan is one of the funnier Wayans brothers and there needs to be another sketch show on television besides Saturday Night Live.

Cancellations and Full Season Pickups

It is week 3 of the fall tv season and this is about the time when networks start seeing which shows to cut and which to pick up for the entire season.  Read more to see which shows got the ax and which we’ll be seeing for the whole season.  Continue reading Cancellations and Full Season Pickups

What To Watch Tonight: Wednesday Sept 21

Wednesdays are chock full of stuff to tickle everyone’s fancy. A lot is premiering tonight. Lots of scripted and reality shows to watch.  More inside.

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Emmys 2011

The 63rd Annual Emmy awards air tonight on FOX and if you know me, you know I love award shows.I especially love the Emmys because they are all about television and fashion, but they also signify the official beginning of the fall tv season.So many of my people and shows got nominated finally (Friday Night Lights, Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler for Friday Night Lights, Timothy Olyphant for Justified) and so I’m excited to see if they win or if the academy decides to just give it to the same ol’ people (I’m looking at you John Hamm).Tune in to the show tonight at 8/7c on FOX. Also check out the pre-shows on E! at 6/5c and on FOX at 7/6c.For all the nominees check out Entertainment Weekly’s Emmy Awards Ballot

FALL TV (Sorry DVR, Break Time Over)

Every year when September rolls around I always get excited.  Not just because it’s my birthday month but because fall tv returns. I LOVE FALL TELEVISION.  The networks roll out all their new shows that got picked up and old favorites return.  This fall there are over 127 new and returning shows starting Sept 13th from cable and the big 5 networks.    I will be watching all of the new ones for at least 3 or 4 episodes before I decide if they are any good and cut them off. How I’m going to manage that, I don’t know. Entertainment Weekly has a nice article with tips on  how to navigate the fall tv season so it’s gonna be all good.

This season there are many shows that I’m looking forward to, both new and returning, but I have managed to narrow down the list to 10 (5 returning and 5 new) that I think everyone should watch.

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